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Brian Laundrie's Parents Are Being 'Tortured In Their Own Home,' Complains Lawyer

Brian Laundrie Parents Lawyer Tortured Home

Man, this is absolutely brazen.

The parents of Brian Laundrie are really about to complain about the way they’re being treated? And even invoke the word “torture”??

That’s exactly what happened on Tuesday as their lawyer Steven Bertolino told Insider that Chris and Roberta Laundrie are upset about the crowds who have been gathering outside their home to demand answers about the death of Gabby Petito and the location of their son. He said:

“They are being tortured in their own home by these protesters outside.”

“Tortured”? Really?

So they have to deal with people holding up signs outside their home. And that’s “torture”? We now know Gabby was strangled to death, throttled by someone’s bare hands until she had no more life left in her. But sure, you complain about having to look out your window at protesters.

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Bertolino continued that the Laundries “are being followed when performing basic tasks like food shopping.” Um, sorry, but of course they’re being followed. The last time they were left alone, their son magically disappeared off the face of the earth despite being a person of interest in an ongoing investigation.

We’re talking about a family that refused to help with the search for a missing girl, the 22-year-old girlfriend of their son, who lived with them in their home for two years before her disappearance during a cross-country road trip. She was practically part of their family, and they just wouldn’t help.

Then when their own son vanished, just before Gabby’s body was found and her death declared a homicide, they weren’t forthcoming with a whole lot of information. Their story changed, and they only admitted things when it had already been discovered by outside parties like Dog The Bounty Hunter.

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There’s no way it’s a surprise people are watching their every move at this point. Still, Bertolino doubled down:

“They are being harassed with lawsuits for a $40 sign that was more than likely on their property and should be considered litter.”

He’s referring to a civil complaint filed Monday by one Andra Griffin over a sign that read: “What if it was Cassie?” — asking how they’d feel if Brian’s sister Cassie Laundrie had been the one killed and left in the Wyoming wilderness.

According to the suit, Chris “came out of his home, walked up to the sign, stole it and walked back onto his property.” Griffin is reportedly seeking damages of $40 — and Brian’s father may actually have to go to court over it, as there’s a date listed on the Sarasota County Court Clerk’s website for December 1.

Bertolino added:

“And all of the foregoing is occurring when they have no idea whether their son is alive or not.”

If he’s looking to get sympathy for his clients, we’re guessing he’s going to have less luck than police are having finding Brian.

[Image via Fox News/FOX13/YouTube.]

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