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Britney Spears Is FREE! Conservatorship Ended For Good!

britney spears : finally free, judge rules to end conservatorship for good

The wait is finally over! Britney Spears is FREE!

On Friday, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Brenda Penny officially terminated the conservatorship that Britney has been living under for 13 years.

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Friday’s hearing began with an emotional plea from Britney’s lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, who quoted her earlier testimony, in which she said:

“I just want my life back.”

And apparently no one could find a reason she shouldn’t have it! The judge asked around the courtroom, and not a single person raised an objection to ending the conservatorship for good! Hooray!

Not only that, the conservatorship was terminated without any requirement for further mental evaluation. That was a dealbreaker for Britney, and it seems like her ace attorney got it for her!

The personal conservatorship is just dunzo. Completely gone as of the gavel hitting the bench. The estate conservatorship will apparently continue to exist long enough to transfer all its assets into a trust — controlled by Britney herself.

Wild that after all this time the final hearing took just half an hour…

As you know, the legal arrangement was created by the singer’s parents in 2008 after she experienced a number of public mental health episodes. The legal situation went largely unchallenged for a decade, but in 2019, her father Jamie Spears temporarily stepped down as conservator — and she began to use her limited power in court to fight against him. Meanwhile, the fan-led #FreeBritney movement began to pick up steam.

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Things came to a head in June 2021 with the pop star’s explosive court testimony, in which she alleged horrific abuses suffered under the restrictive conservatorship. Shortly after, she was allowed to replace her court-appointed lawyer with her own choice. With Rosengart’s help, Britney was able to have Jamie suspended as conservator and began an investigation into his actions over the last 13 years. Fast forward a couple weeks, and now the conservatorship is over for good.

Of course, that doesn’t mean the investigation into what happened during those 13 years is over. We think we can expect Rosengart to follow through with the same competence and enthusiasm he’s shown through all of this.

We are SO happy for Brit that she has finally, finally gotten her wish to live freely. Whatever comes next, we hope she is able to live on her own terms, as she so richly deserves.

Congratulations, Britney!

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Nov 12, 2021 14:44pm PDT

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