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Britney Spears Escorted Out Of Hotel By Paramedics Wearing Just A Blanket After Scary Disturbance Calls! Look!

Britney Spears Escorted Out Of Hotel By Paramedics Wearing Just A Blanket After Reported Disturbance!

Oh no! What is happening with Britney Spears?!

Emergency first responders were called to a luxe Los Angeles hotel just after midnight on Thursday morning after employees and guests phoned in a disturbance about the pop star.

When paramedics got to the scene, they made contact with Britney, who had hours before checked into the hotel with her rumored boyfriend, Paul Richard Soliz. According to TMZ, the first responders brought Britney downstairs and nearly whisked her away in an ambulance — although she turned them down and eventually left with her security detail, and crucially without Soliz.

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The drama started a few hours before midnight on Wednesday night, when Spears and Soliz checked into the Hollywood hotel. At about 10:30 p.m. El Lay time, cops were called about a disturbance and showed up to investigate. TMZ reports that hotel guests and employees alike claimed to officers that a woman matching Spears’ description was harassing and threatening people inside the hotel. However, cops couldn’t corroborate those claims and found no trouble upon their arrival, so they left.

By 11:00 p.m., TMZ claims Britney and Paul retreated to their hotel room and were drinking and partying behind closed doors. Something happened once inside the room, though, per a source who spoke to the outlet on Thursday morning. The duo reportedly got into a huge, loud altercation. The insider even says the fight allegedly turned physical. OMG!! Britney may have hurt her leg, as well — although it’s not clear what caused the injury, or even if there was an injury (more on that below).

Regardless, the source claimed Britney began to scream “out of control” in the hallway outside of her suite. Other hotel guests and employees again called 911. By then, it was around 12:40 a.m. when paramedics showed up. The source claimed those first responders were told by dispatchers that there was an “injured person” at the hotel. Meanwhile, hotel staffers privately told TMZ that they were concerned she was having a mental breakdown.

After paramedics made contact with the Toxic singer, she came down to the front of the hotel. Paparazzi cameras were on hand outside, and they photographed Britney wrapped up in a blanket and carrying a pillow in front of her body. She was barefoot, too, and wearing only what appeared to be very small shorts or underwear. She looked disheveled, and as though she had possibly been crying. But she walked outside under her own power, and there were no visible injuries to her legs. You can see the pics (below):

Furthermore, she did NOT get into the ambulance with paramedics. As we noted up top, she instead left the hotspot with her security detail, and reportedly left Soliz behind.

Ugh. Whatever happened, it must have been awful. Sending love and light…

[Image via Ivan Nikolov/WENN]

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