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Britney Spears Is Desperately Trying To Mend 'Non-Existent' Relationship With Her Sons After Latest Legal Loss

Britney Spears Is Desperately Trying To 'Build Bridges' To Mend 'Non-Existent' Relationship With Her Sons After Latest Legal Loss

Britney Spears is trying to patch up her relationship with her two teenage sons — but it’s not totally clear that she’ll be able to at this point.

The Toxic singer is coming off her most recent legal loss to her father Jamie Spears regarding post-conservatorship litigation that didn’t go her way. And now, she’s pivoting to think about the effect that may have — and what the future may hold — for her 18-year-old son Sean Preston and 17-year-old son Jayden James, both of whom she shares with ex Kevin Federline.

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Two sources spoke to the US Sun on Tuesday with new insight into how Britney has been attempting to reconcile with the two teenagers, who both live in Hawaii with their father and his wife Victoria Prince. One source told the outlet that Britney has been trying to “build bridges” with the kids after a “perplexing and stress-filled few weeks” involving her legal loss to dad Jamie. Reportedly, the singer is afraid that she “may lose touch forever with the boys” after several turbulent years in the recent past, and their adulthoods straight ahead.

Referencing her legal battles with Jamie as the impetus for all this, the first source stated:

“This legal issue and loss with her dad has made her want to patch up her problems with the kids.”

The legal loss that the Baby One More Time singer and her lawyer Mathew Rosengart sustained hasn’t been an easy blow for the 42-year-old to grapple with lately. Not only are her finances apparently strained, but there is talk from experts about the possibility of needing another conservatorship to right the ship, so to speak. In sum, her world has been “turned on its head”:

“Britney has seen her world turned on its head in recent weeks, because her hopes were dashed of fighting her father. Britney has felt like her voice has been taken away again because she thought that a trial against her dad could show the world how she felt mistreated and cheated.”

And that, in turn, has made her think about family and the future:

“But now that possibility has come to an end, she has been reflecting on rebuilding her family, or at least trying. Her relationship with her sons has not been non-existent in the last couple of years, but she wants to try again and get them back in her life. There is a sense that after feeling let down by her father she doesn’t want her boys to ever feel that way with her.”


The source explained that Britney has recently been making overtures to re-build her relationship with her sons even though they live far away in Hawaii:

“She has reached out to spend some time with them over there and move forward. They have kept their distance from her, preferring to be with Kevin and Victoria, but Britney is open to making peace with everyone and building into a modern-day family. In recent weeks she [Britney] has spoken more about making sure the boys really know how much ‘mom misses them.'”

A second source, reportedly one of Britney’s friends in El Lay, added how the pop superstar has “serious long-term trauma” from being separated from the teens for so long now:

“Being a mother was the most important thing for Britney for a long time, and so many issues have got in the way of that for her over the years. Deep in her heart she always wanted to be close to the boys and does have serious long-term trauma from being separated from them.”

So sad.

For the first source, much of this goes back to the conservatorship follow-up legal battle against Jamie, and its unceremonious end days ago. Regarding Rosengart’s work on Britney’s behalf, and the fact that their attempts to hold Jamie legally liable never were able to get off the ground, the source said:

“Britney was always under the impression that Mathew would file papers demanding her dad explain all the actions he took on her behalf and money he was paid and that somehow the court would see her side. The reality is that the legal system on a case doesn’t work like that. Jamie’s lawyers have full rights to ask her for depositions and access to her medical paperwork, which could be discussed in open court. A trial could have seen some of the most tragic and troublesome moments in Britney’s life discussed in court and presented to the world.”

The source concluded:

“She feels trauma, anxiety, and depression recalling moments when she felt her father wronged her. After months of back and forth with very little movement, it became clear neither side would budge. And as the tension escalated, a legal settlement was reached.”


Yeah, it’s been a tough time for Britney. And with the possibility of feeling like she might lose her sons entirely, too, we can’t even imagine. Sending love and light.

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