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Britney Spears Fans Think K-Fed Is Really Moving To Hawaii To Exploit Her For MILLIONS!

Britney Spears Fans Think K-Fed Is Really Moving To Hawaii To Exploit Her For MILLIONS!

Is there an ulterior motive behind Kevin Federline’s demand for his and Britney Spears’ two sons to move suddenly?! That’s what a lot of fans believe!

For those who don’t know, K-Fed asked the 41-year-old singer for permission to relocate Jayden and Sean to Hawaii after his wife, Victoria Prince, got a job at a university in the state. But the former background dancer has been oddly pushy about the matter, speaking to different outlets and threatening to take legal action against Britney if she did not immediately approve the move — something her attorney, Mathew Rosengart, called him out on. Despite his antics through this process, the lawyer revealed this week that she will “not interfere with and consents to the relocation.” Federline gets to move the boys to Hawaii.

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But should Britney and Rosengart have pushed back on the move more? Because the timing of the move has many of her fans very suspicious right now. Why? They think Kevin wants to quickly move their two boys to Hawaii this summer to extend his child support payments from the Crossroads star!

Britney supposedly pays her ex-husband $20,000 per month in child support, something she referred to in a now-deleted audio clip a while back. Kevin demanded an increase in the monthly payments in 2018 and a new agreement was made later that year. Details of the reported arrangement are unknown. But she mentioned “giving your dad 40 grand a month.”

What does that have to do with the Aloha State? Normally, child support ends when a kid turns 18 years old — though it can sometimes be extended to the age of 19 if they’re still attending high school. But in Hawaii, child support can be ordered for children up to 23 years old as long as they’re enrolled full-time in a college, university, vocational school, or trade school. This is the only state with these extended child support laws. 23 years old. That’s FIVE MORE YEARS of child support. At $40k per month, we’re talking an additional $2.4 MILLION!

In Britney and Kevin’s case, Sean will turn 18 on September 14 – meaning Britney would no longer be required to pay her ex child support if the Federline family stayed in El Lay. Meanwhile, Jayden turns 17 years old on September 12 and will “continue taking classes remotely” once the Federline family moves. His 18th birthday is next year, and those child support payments would end then too!

So with all of this in mind, many think Kevin is moving to Hawaii just before his child support stops to continue getting money from Britney! And if he’s successful in doing so, he would rake in MILLIONS more from her! Awful. Social media users are now calling him out for his antics. Here’s a smattering of what they’ve written on Twitter:

“there’s a loophole in hawaii where you have to pay child support until the kid is 23 (so long as they’re attending school)…. he’s exploiting her for money.”

“Kevin desperately wanting to move to Hawaii is definitely child support related”

“Child support cutoff in Hawaii is 23. They aren’t fucking slick at all.”

“He’s doing this because the courts can force her to pay child support up to the age of 23 in Hawaii.”

“So, allegedly, Kevin Federline wants to move his sons to Hawaii so that Britney has to continue paying him child support until the boys are 23! TERRIBLE!”

One person even pointed out that this move comes as he and Victoria are being sued for not paying the $15,593 tuition to their daughters’ private school:

“Kevin Federline gets sued for not paying for the education of his kids and then decides to move to Hawaii where he can apply to get child support until Britney’s boys are 23. It is painfully obvious Britney is still trapped and will be as long as so many people depend on her $$$”


Of course, there’s no hard proof this has been Kevin’s plan all along. He hasn’t made any legal moves to change their current agreement right now. It’s also unknown whether Sean even plans to continue his education once he graduates from high school this year. But if this is the real reason for the move, that is beyond exploitative of his baby momma! Reactions, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments below.

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