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Caitlyn Jenner Faces NASTY Transphobic Attacks At CPAC -- But Finds A Surprising Defender In Tomi Lahren!

Caitlyn Jenner Tomi Lahren CPAC Transphobic Attacks

Conservative provocateur Tomi Lahren finally got something right!

Over the weekend, the blonde pundit openly defended Caitlyn Jenner from transphobic, personal attacks put on by conservative political followers at the world-famous Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas, Texas.

And while we very rarely see eye-to-eye with Lahren (or with Jenner at this point), there is NO place for transphobia or bigotry anywhere.

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The controversy erupted on Saturday when Caitlyn appeared at the event — long considered by those in politics to be the must-attend conservative political convention of the year. Caitlyn is still currently running for Governor of California and no doubt went to Dallas to shore up conservative support and fundraising money for her campaign.

Despite being a member of the LGBT community which has been fighting hard to keep their rights whenever Republicans are in power, the 71-year-old is still firmly on that team. But they aren’t on hers.

There were reports of people following the former reality TV star around the floor of the convention center and calling her “Bruce.” For those who don’t know, this is what’s called “dead-naming”: purposely referring to a trans person by their previous name in order to denigrate their identity.

One video (below) shows at least two men following Jenner as she was leaving the event, calling her “Bruce” and eventually disparaging her by calling her “a sick freak” and even using the epithet “tr**ny.”


This is so disgusting:

In what world is any of this acceptable, polite behavior by adults?! Oh, right the world of CPAC, where Donald Trump is king, and white power symbols are casual LOLs.

How obnoxious, inappropriate, and mean-spirited…

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That’s where we were pleasantly surprised!

Tomi picked up on that on Sunday night, defending the former Keeping Up With The Kardashians star and calling out those in the “mob” who chose to say such vile things. In a tweet, Lahren threatened to turn in her “conservative card” if pundits took issue with her defending Caitlyn in this manner, as you can see (below):


We could’ve done without the unnecessary shot against liberals in the tweet, too, since they have nothing to do with this. (Honestly, what “the Left” is usually attacking is, you know, THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOR.)

But hey, at least she’s standing up for Caitlyn and definitely on the right side of this one.

Tomi found quite a few people in her corner who agreed with her defense, too. Here are just a few of the supporters who added in their opinions via Twitter (below):

“I don’t agree with Caitlyn’s political views… And that should be the only reason to not want her in a political position of power. Her being trans should be a non-issue.”

“I appreciate your statement. Hopefully you maintain this belief of acceptance and think of how they’ve treated LGBTQ+ people that don’t have a platform where the attacks are easily seen.”

“This needs to be said. One can not necessarily understand or even agree with the lifestyle, but agreed – it is none of their business and she is not harming anyone – certainly not advocating! Treat her with same respect you would want to be treated.”

“I agree with Tomi. I’m a 100% America 1st Conservative Christian man. We are to love our neighbor, as we love ourselves. We all have our own ‘stuff’ & no one is exempt. The MAGA movement is open to anyone & everyone & I all but guarantee DJT would not support attacks like this”

Wow! Um, we’re not sure about that whole “DJT hearts inclusivity and the LGBT community” nonsense at the end there, but we’re glad this individual at least feels that way.

Don’t get us wrong: we HATE Caitlyn Jenner’s ultra-rich out-of-touch conservative politics, and Tomi’s takes have been largely ignorant for, like, ever. BUT nobody deserves to be ruthlessly harassed simply because they are transgender! AND you gotta give props where they’re due. We ALL need to call out party members of either side when they’re being d**ks, straight up!

What do U make of this controversy, Perezcious readers?

Sound OFF about Caitlyn and Tomi down in the comments (below)…

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