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Cardi B Speaks Out About Water Throwing Incident: 'A Bitch Got Motherf**king Assaulted'

Cardi B Speaks Out About Water Throwing Incident: 'A Bitch Got Motherf**king Assaulted'

It was quite a weekend for Cardi B… and we are STILL unpacking the whole sordid situation!!

In case you’re just tuning into the drama that went down over the weekend in Las Vegas, let’s get you caught up. So, on Saturday evening, the 30-year-old rapper was at Drai’s Beachclub in Sin City doing an outdoor show for a ton of very excited attendees. And while she was in the middle of performing Bodak Yellow, she started seeing red after she got hit in the face with water and ice thrown from a fan!!

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Cardi — who rocked a very sexy and breezy orange dress during the outdoor set — was shocked to take the water shot right across her face. So, she reacted quickly. Maybe too quickly. Without even taking a moment to consider what happened, she up and hurled her mic right down into the crowd! And she threw it HARD!!!

From there, security swooped in addressed the fan issue. Per People, guards “seemingly escorted away” the fan in question. And ever since, Cardi has been trying to both (a) explain her side of the story, and (b) walk back her mic-throwing move after taking backlash from fans on social media.

But is there even more to the story here than meets the eye???

So, hours after the incident, Cardi took to Instagram to stream a live video out to her followers. In the clip, the WAP rapper explained how she “got motherf**king assaulted” by the fan who hurled water and ice that hit her right in the face!

We get that nobody wants to be hit with things unexpectedly, but assaulted?! With water?? Cardi doubled and tripled down on her position, saying:

“Can y’all hear me now? OK. So, I can’t really talk about it, but let me tell you something: a bitch got motherf**king assaulted. And for anybody that got some bull s**t to f**king say, when water and ice get thrown in your face and hit you hard, then you come f**king talk to me and tell me what you would do in my motherf**king shoes, bitch. The f**k?”

Then, the I Like It songstress continued:

“That s**t hurted [sic], y’all. I’m not even trying to sound like a gangster or anything, but that s**t really f**king hurted [sic]. The f**k? Bitch got bamboozled. S**t! And mother f**kers want to bring up the situation that happened the day before. Let me tell you something, alright? Me and my partner, my DJ, he was not doing his job right, and I was very f**king — can y’all hear me? Sorry, somebody was calling me. OK.”

OK! So!! That reference to her DJ “not doing his job right” was about the DJ at her Drai’s Beachclub set who was apparently cutting off some of her songs prematurely during another set. Per People, Cardi also “reportedly threw her microphone” at him after she grew frustrated with his decision to fade her tracks before they were done.

Basically, Offset‘s baby momma had a hell of a weekend in Vegas… And now, what happened there ain’t staying there…

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Anyways, you can listen to Cardi’s full mic-throwing explanation (below):

But wait!! That’s even more!!

Hours after Cardi spoke her piece on why she tossed her microphone into the crowd, new videos started to go viral across social media. In one of them, the rapper can be seen literally asking fans to “splash my p***y” with water while she gave it her all in the hot summer heat!

Then, what that one fan listened a little too well, that’s when Cardi flipped out and flung her mic!! Ch-ch-check out the NEW angle on the ice-tossing trouble (below):

Well s**t! That changes a lot!

It’s tough to accuse fans of bad behavior for throwing water at you when you literally asked them to throw water at you!!!


[Image via WENN/Avalon]

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