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It seems that things might be going sour for Carmen Electra and her “fiance” Rob Patterson, guitarist for Korn.

Just three weeks ago, everyone was talking about the huge black diamond Carmen had on her engagement ring finger.

The ring was given to her during her 36th birthday.

Rob proposed to Carmen just last month, but sources are saying they might not make it down the aisle.

We don’t think Carmen was too happy to learn that her new engagement ring cost less than $2k, which Patterson purchased online on

An insider tells Life & Style, “She seems really embarrassed. I think the ring is a real deal breaker. She thought she’d be getting this giant rock. Instead, Rob bought it online for a bargain price!”

Well, this does kind of make her seem like she’s just money hungry!

The insider adds, “Rob doesn’t have a lot of money coming in and he’s been driving around in Carmen’s car while she’s working. He’s a total freeloader. Carmen’s starting to realize that Rob may not be able to hold up his end of the bargain.”


So will they stay together or not?

The insider adds that “they aren’t breaking up tomorrow. She’s shooting the movie Goodie Two Shoes in Louisiana and has lots of appearances lined up, so she and Rob won’t be together that much. The less time they spend together, the longer the relationship will drag on, but it won’t last. She’ll come to her senses.”

Let’s count this relationship as ovah.

Maybe it’s time for Korn to put out a new album and Rob to make some more money???

[Image via WENN.]

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May 13, 2008 21:15pm PDT

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