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Casey Anthony Has SOME Explanation For That Suspicious Tattoo In New Documentary -- Anyone Buying This??

Casey Anthony Documentary Bella Vita Tattoo

The Casey Anthony documentary finally premiered on Peacock on Tuesday. And while we heard about the biggest revelations a couple weeks ago, there was still one pretty intriguing explanation the accused murderer had to give…

If you didn’t ravenously follow the case back in 2008, you may not even remember this. But one of the many, many reasons no one trusted anything Casey said was her behavior immediately following her child going missing.

During the murder trial, a tattoo artist revealed he had done a piece for her during the month little Caylee Anthony was still missing. But no, it wasn’t a tribute to the 2-year-old child. It was a really happy, upbeat tat with sparkles around the delicately written words “Bella Vita” — an Italian phrase meaning essentially, “The Good Life.”

Casey Anthony Bella Vita Tattoo
(c) Orange County Sheriff’s Department

We mean, how could anyone NOT see that as sus?! It seemed like she was happy to be rid of her little girl, ffs!

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So what’s Casey’s defense for the incongruously celebratory ink?? She says it was ironic. Yep, in Casey Anthony: Where The Truth Lies, the infamous homicide suspect plays victim — and part of that is explaining how bad her life really was. On the tattoo, she explains:

“‘Bella Vita’, that was my f**k you to my family. I spent my entire life protecting our perfect, beautiful little family and acting like I had this enviable life.”

She didn’t even realize it at the time, she says — which explains why she didn’t bring it up in the trial, we guess — but this was an ironic statement. With sparkles.

Casey says during therapy years later she was “trying to explain why I got the tattoo in the first place, especially during that time period.” And only through counseling did she realize:

“That was a subconscious way for me to speak out against all of it. My family. My flawed and f**ked up family. And my flawed and f**ked up life.”

She says “Bella Vita” was “the antithesis of what my life really was.” Irony. Like naming a big dog Tiny. Get it? Yeah, we’re not sure the weeks where you’re supposed to be fretting over your missing toddler are the time for deliciously ironic ink, either.

It’s all part of the narrative of the doc, which includes her accusation that her father staged Caylee’s drowning. Casey implies her father was molesting Caylee after smothering her with a pillow — and claims this was something he did to her, too. So the drowning was some kind of cover-up? She says elsewhere in the doc that she believed Caylee was still alive during that time — even after she saw the drowned body. We guess that explains getting a tattoo? Because she thought the girl was alive and just being molested by her grandfather??

Look, we can hardly begin to sort through all these claims. What we do know for sure is that Casey had the sense in the years after the trial to cover up the Bella Vita tattoo. She covered it in peony flowers and a mandala, which she says “symbolizes growth, rebirth.”

She also got a tribute tat to Caylee on the inside of her arm which translates to:

“‘I hear your voice in all the sounds [or noise] of the world.'”

She explained:

“It means, ‘I hear you in everything’. That is my Caylee tribute tattoo. Everything about her was perfect.”

What do YOU think of Casey’s new version of events? Are you as sold as that jury that acquitted her??

Casey Anthony: Where The Truth Lies is streaming now on Peacock.

If you have sincere cause to suspect child abuse, call the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-4-A-Child or 1-800-422-4453, or go to

[Image via Peacock/YouTube.]

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