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Missing Florida Mom Found Dead In Shallow Grave, Ex Arrested

Cassie Carli found dead ex Marcus Spanevelo arrested

The search for Cassie Carli has come to a heartbreaking end.

As we previously reported, the Florida mom was last seen on March 27 at Navarre Beach, where she was scheduled to meet her ex Marcus Spanevelo for a custody exchange of their four-year-old daughter, Saylor. She was reported missing hours later when she never returned from the exchange.

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A week after the search began, the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office confirmed in a press conference over the weekend that Cassie’s body had been discovered buried in a shallow grave in a barn in Springville, Alabama. The body was reportedly identified right away as Cassie’s via a unique tattoo. Sheriff Bob Johnson said:

“It’s not the ending that we wanted obviously, but we’re hoping to provide a little closure to the family.”

Suspicion has turned to Spanevelo, whom authorities claim has a “connection” to the barn where Cassie was found. The sheriff alleged Marcus “lied a couple times in different scenarios,” going so far as to say the suspicious ex was “acting like a dirtbag.” Johnson revealed:

“He never cooperated at all with us. That goes a long way. You think about it, it’s your baby mother and she’s missing — and you’re not going to cooperate with authorities? That’s kind of tell-tale.”

Yeah, sounds all too familiar…

Authorities had previously interviewed Spanevelo in Birmingham, Alabama, where he was reportedly residing “for a work site,” per WTSP 10. Saylor, whose whereabouts were unknown up to that point, was discovered with her father. Johnson claimed that after Cassie’s body had been found, Marcus refused to speak and said only “lawyer.”

Marcus was arrested on Friday in Lebanon, Tennessee and charged with tampering with evidence, giving false information concerning a missing persons investigation, and destruction of evidence. According to Johnson, he had taken and disposed of Cassie’s cellphone, which was later recovered by police.

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Though the sheriff did not reveal any further specific evidence tying Marcus to Cassie’s murder, he seemed confident that her ex was indeed responsible. Just too many arrows pointing right at the man. Speaking candidly at the press conference, Johnson shared:

“We have definitely got a great case, and I think that once the autopsy’s done and you see the charges filed, you’ll understand. But I think we have a great case and I think he’s going to either spend the rest of his life in prison or get the needle. Hopefully the needle.”

What an absolutely tragic case. Our hearts go out to Cassie’s family, and particularly to her daughter Saylor during this difficult time.


[Image via Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office/Fox10/YouTube]

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