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Cate Blanchett Labels Herself 'Middle Class'... Despite $95 MILLION Net Worth!

Cate Blanchett Tries To Label Herself ‘Middle Class’... With A $95 MILLION Net Worth!

Is Cate Blanchett really THIS out of touch??

The Tár actress sparked controversy at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival after SEVERELY misrepresenting her economic class. During a United Nations press conference on Monday, Cate spoke about her experience as a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador and how crucial it is to uplift refugee filmmakers to tell their stories — all while grappling with feeling like a “white savior” because of her vast privilege. Thought-provoking stuff, sure, but the most provoking comment came when she attempted to describe herself as “middle class.” No, we’re not joking.

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The 55-year-old said in footage posted on TikTok by the Associated Press:

“I’m white, I’m privileged, I’m middle class, and I think, you know, one can be accused of having a bit of a white savior complex. But to be perfectly honest, my interaction with the refugees in the field and also in resettled environments has totally changed my perspective on the world and I am utterly grateful for that.”

Ummm, WHAT?!

This lady has starred in some of Hollywood’s BIGGEST box office heavyweights! From starring in The Lord of the Rings, to a Marvel flick, and everything in between — and not to mention her MULTIPLE Oscar wins! She is a MOVIE STAR! No question about it! Sorry, but there are no middle class movie stars.

Oh, and her estimated net worth is literally $95 MILLION!!! In what world is that middle class? Because it’s definitely not here on Earth! Listen to the full clip (below):


From @AP Entertainment: In Cannes, Cate Blanchett reflects on her experience as a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador, and the importance of giving filmmakers who are refugees a platform to tell their stories.

♬ original sound – The Associated Press

Wow… In the comments, fans couldn’t  help but scoff at her misrepresentation:

“‘middle class’ my ass”

“Under no circumstances is a net worth of $95 million middle class!!!”

“I’m sorry… middle class? Her net worth is $95 million. That’s not middle class.”

“Privileged and far from middle class”

“She is crazy to think she is Middle class!!”

Thoughts?? Sound OFF in the comments!

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