Ryan Reynolds Trolls Blake Lively On Sexy Promo Pic From Her New Movie!


Ryan Reynolds Roasts Blake Lively AGAIN

Troll Level: Expert, duh.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively love poking fun at each other on social media, and we love them for it.

Considering the week we’ve all had, it’s nice to have some levity!

On a recent photo Blake posted promoting her new movie A Simple Favor, in which she confidently stands between the naked legs of a man holding a martini above his chest, Ryan OBVIOUSLY couldn’t help but comment.

We’d have been shocked if he’d just let this one go!

See the hilarious post (below):

He *does* seem nice, all laid out like that and not complaining. LOLz!

Are Blake and Ryan your fave couple or what, Perezcious readers?

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Leighton Meester Reveals ‘Gossip Girl’ Wasn’t ‘The Healthiest Environment’ For Her Mental Health

Leighton Meester On Mental Health

Star Reveals 'Gossip Girl' Was Not 'The Healthiest Environment' For Her To Be In!

Leighton Meester is getting real about some formative moments from young in her career!

The 32-year-old star is the focus of a feature in the new issue of Net-A-Porter, and while the feature discusses quite a few different things going on in her career and life, there’s a big takeaway from some of her time at Gossip Girl that has people talking!

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Meester opens up about looking back at the six seasons she spent on the CW show alongside stars like Blake Lively and Taylor Momsen, saying (below):

“I was young when I started Gossip Girl. A lot more people were suddenly around and I was being looked at. If you don’t have the right perspective, you could definitely be confused by people being that nice to you or judging you for behavior that’s typical of a 20-, 21-year-old, making mistakes but having to make them very publicly. I’m not haunted by that time, but it’s been interesting and helpful for me to look at it and examine it as an adult and go, ‘I don’t know if it was the healthiest environment.'”


And she continued, too (below):

“Everyone has their own journey, especially in their early twenties when they’re just figuring out who they are. Because of the success of [Gossip Girl], I was put in a place where that journey was sped up. I had to figure it out quickly and with not a completely developed mind to discern between what’s real and what’s not, who I can trust and who I can’t. I got really lucky and was able to very early on find and stay friends with people who are true.”

Amen to that!

Fortunately, Meester has came out of it just fine and continued on with a strong career. Her mental health outlook sounds lighter, too — and though she remembers Gossip Girl fondly, there’s no way she’d ever go back (below):

“I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s sort of a time capsule. A lot of the questions that come from it are: ‘Do you miss it?’ ‘Did you love what you wore?’ And I understand that, but—and I say this with nothing but love—it is like saying, ‘High school was an amazing time for you. Do you wish you could go back?’ And the truth is, it was so special and such a unique, amazing experience, but no, I wouldn’t wanna go back to it. I was a kid!”


Thoughts, Perezcious readers?! Let us know in the comments (below)!!

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Blake Lively Thought Her Boobs Were A Topic Of Conversation At The ‘A Simple Favor’ Premiere — WATCH!

Nice Tweets!

Blake Lively Thought Someone Was Complimenting Her 'Tits' At A Premiere

Photographers shout a bunch of things at celebs on the red carpet. So when one told Blake Lively she had “amazing” tweets, the A Simple Favor star thought he was complimenting someone else. 

It didn’t help that she was wearing a see-through men’s shirt!

Watch her tell the story to Jimmy Fallon (above).

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Blake Lively Explains Her Huge Vagina Portrait In ‘A Simple Favor’

'It Was A LOTTA Crotch'

Blake Lively Explains THAT Vagina Portrait In 'A Simple Favor'

One of the features critics can’t stop talking about when it comes to noir comedy A Simple Favor is a portrait of a vagina.

A huge, closeup portrait of Blake Lively‘s character’s vagina, proudly displayed in her home.

After Anna Kendrick said the vagina was Blake’s idea, well, we just had to know WTF was up with that! (And if it was really Blake’s, er, Origin of The World.)

Video: Anna Made Speechless By Dumbest Question Ever!

At the movie’s premiere Monday night at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, Vulture asked Blake all about it, and she explained she didn’t come up with the idea for having a big vagina portrait, she just had the visual inspiration for the look:

“The nude portrait was a very critical part of the film. The portrait itself, the execution of what said nude portrait would look like, was inspired by this iconic Helmut Newton photo. I felt like it had to be over the top and funny, and what I loved about the Helmut Newton photo is that it was very graphic and abstract, like a wide lens but shot closely, so it distorted everything. It almost looked architectural, but it was unflattering. It was a lotta crotch. I thought it was so over the top and funny that I thought, ‘We’ve gotta take this Helmut Newton photo and re-create that.'”

She did not, unfortunately, reveal whether she was the artist’s model as well as the muse.

A Simple Favor hits theaters Friday, September 14 — watch and decide for yourself!

Fun Fact: Helmut Newton was a formalist fashion photographer who pushed the envelope when it came to nudity; he was also known for visually striking, risqué black and white celebrity portraits, such as this famous shot of British actress Charlotte Rampling.

[Image via Ivan Nikolov/WENN.]

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Anna Kendrick Made Speechless By Dumbest Question Ever!


Anna Kendrick Made Speechless By Dumbest Question Ever!

A Simple Favor costars Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively are the latest celebs to do Wired‘s Autocomplete interview in which they answer the most Googled questions about themselves — and Anna just had us DYING with her reaction to what is apparently asked all the time: “Is Anna Kendrick related to Kendrick Lamar?” LOLz! See the hilarity (above)!

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Blake Lively Teases Ryan Reynolds Over His Giant Gin Truck Pic


Blake Lively Teases Ryan Reynolds Over Truck Pic

What a cute couple!

Ryan Reynolds is known for his social media sense of humor, but Blake Lively quietly gives her hubby a run for his money.

Usually at his expense…

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The Deadpool star posted a proud photo of a truck hauling his Aviation Gin — and plastered with his ridiculously handsome face — on Friday, writing:

And Blake got in there with the ribbing comment:

Blake Lively Instagram Comment

Something tells us she’s said that before… Ha!

We love these two!

[Image via Ivan Nikolov/WENN.]

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