Cardi B DENIES New Single Is About Nicki Minaj!

'Get Off My D**k'

Cardi B DENIES New Single Is About Nicki Minaj!

Cardi B is OVER the BS!

On Wednesday, TMZ ran a story about the Bodak Yellow rapper dissing Nicki Minaj in new music following their dramatic fight at a New York Fashion Week party.

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According to the report, Cardi’s team is unsure whether the Nicki jabs should be included or not.

That same day, according to reported screenshots, Cardi reportedly went on Instagram to DENY that her new single Money (out November 26) is about her rival.

Offset‘s wife reportedly posted a text exchange between a TMZ reporter and someone from her team, who says the story is “false” and that their “sources are liars.”

Cardi also reportedly wrote a message directed at TMZ where she accuses them of sending photogs to stalk her and daughter Kulture a couple of weeks ago. She reportedly wrote:

“Dear TMZ … You see you really pressed my button a couple of weeks ago when ya had photographers literally stalk me and my daughter when I clearly said repeatedly I don’t want to show my daughter. With fame comes crazy people, stalkers and phychopaths so I want to protect my child till I’m ready to show her to the world but NO integrity don’t matter to ya. Then ya constantly got me in ya blog spreading fake s**t about me without doing ya research and even when we tell ya is not true ya still push it. Ya motherf***ers need to get off my d**k and start reporting about them actresses ya used to report about because I’m not the one to f**k with THANK YOU!! Btw in REAL news my single Money drops November 26!!”

The reported Insta post has apparently been deleted.

See it (below):

[Image via Ivan Nikolov/John Rainford/WENN.]

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Lena Dunham Shares Health Update After Getting Surgery To Remove Ovary

Feeling Better!

Lena Dunham Recovering From Surgery To Remove Her Ovary

Who has one ovary and is ready to fight the good fight? Lena Dunham

The Girls alum took to Instagram on Tuesday to give followers a health update a day after she had surgery to remove her ovary.

Sharing a picture of herself recovering in post-op at the hospital, the 32-year-old actress revealed that her left ovary had been “encased in scar tissue & fibrosis, attached to my bowel and pressing on nerves that made it kinda hard to walk/pee/vamp.”

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Dunham said her condition got worse and worse — she couldn’t even finish promoting her new show, Camping, because she was so sick — until she eventually became “a burrito posing as a human.” So, she opted for ovary removal surgery.

The procedure came less than a year after Duhman had her cervix and uterus removed in attempt to win her battle with endometriosis.

Reflecting on her procedure, the actress told her followers she feels “so so so lucky to have health insurance as well as money for care that is off my plan,” but is simultaneously “red with rage that access to medical care is a privilege and not a right in this country.”

Video: How Lena Feels About Taylor Swift Getting Political

All in all, Dunham believes her health battles have “opened me up in wild ways” and given her a mission “to advocate for those of us who live at the cross section of physical and physic pain, to remind women that our stories don’t have to look one way, our pain is our gain and oh shit scars and mesh ‘panties’ are the fucking jam.”

Her scars are beautiful — whether you want to see them or not! Read the actress’s full post (below).

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Yesterday I had a two hour surgery to remove my left ovary, which was encased in scar tissue & fibrosis, attached to my bowel and pressing on nerves that made it kinda hard to walk/pee/vamp. Over the last month it got worse and worse until I was simply a burrito posing as a human. *** My mother took this picture after I spent 9 hours in the post op recovery area with v low blood pressure, the nurses were diligently monitoring. I was so out of it that I thought I looked sensually moody a la Charlotte Rampling (turns out it was more of a constipation vibe.) *** A lot of people commented on my last post about being too sick to finish promoting my show by saying my hysterectomy should have fixed it (I mean *should* is a weird one). That I should get acupuncture and take supplements (I do). That I should see a therapist because it’s clearly psychological (year 25, y’all. These are the fruits!) But a big lesson I’ve learned in all this is that health, like most things, isn’t linear- things improve and things falter and you start living off only cranberry juice from a sippy cup/sleeping on a glorified heating pad but you’re also happier than you’ve been in years. I feel blessed creatively and tickled by my new and improved bellybutton and so so so lucky to have health insurance as well as money for care that is off my plan. But I’m simultaneously shocked by what my body is and isn’t doing for me and red with rage that access to medical care is a privilege and not a right in this country and that women have to work extra hard just to prove what we already know about our own bodies and beg for what we need to be well. It’s humiliating. *** My health not being a given has paid spiritual dividends I could never have predicted and it’s opened me up in wild ways and it’s given me a mission: to advocate for those of us who live at the cross section of physical and physic pain, to remind women that our stories don’t have to look one way, our pain is our gain and oh shit scars and mesh “panties” are the fucking jam. Join me, won’t you? *** 📷 @lauriesimmons

A post shared by Lena Dunham (@lenadunham) on

[Image via Instagram.]

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Kim, Kanye, & North Embark On A Ugandan Safari!


Kim, Kanye, & North Embark On A Ugandan Safari!

The West family takes Uganda!

As seen on Instagram Story on Wednesday, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, and their daughter North took a tour around the African country where they got to see monkeys and giraffes!

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In one clip, the KUWTK starlet asks her first born:

“North, do you see the giraffe families?”

As we wrote, Kimye met with Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni, and gave him a new pair of White Yeezy Boost 350s.

See pics of their safari (below):



kim kardashian

[Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram.]

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Tara Reid Denies Getting Kicked Off Flight & Claims Delta Wanted Her Dog In The Overhead Bin

What Really Went Down?

Tara Reid Denies Getting Kicked Off Delta Flight!

Don’t get it twisted about Tara Reid’s latest travel misadventures!

The Sharknado star took to social media to clarify recent reports about her apparently getting kicked off a Delta flight after causing a “disturbance on board.”

As we reported, witnesses on the Monday flight said the 42-year-old was loudly complaining about her wrong seat assignment and the plane’s lack of pillows. The New York-bound aircraft ended up returning to the gate prior to takeoff, where Reid was let off with her small Yorkie.

Video: Tara Makes Faces & Slurs In Spacey Interview!

But don’t think the actress was booted off the flight — gurl left peacefully… according to a long-winded statement she posted on Instagram Wednesday.

Attempting to set the record straight, Reid claimed that she wasn’t forced off the aircraft, but willingly departed after a flight attendant took issue with her 3-month-old emotional support dog.

Reid alleged she was asked to put the pup in either the overhead bin or in the “belly of the plane.” Finding both options “absurd,” the actress said she “gracefully declined and deboarded the plane on my own accord.”

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Video footage of the incident obtained by TMZ, however, makes it seem like she didn’t have much of a choice. She was pretty graceful about it, though!

What do U think really happened here? Read Reid’s full statement (below) and share your thoughts in the comments.

[Image via WENN]

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Kim Zolciak Isn’t Standing For ‘Bulls**t’ Accusations That She Altered Pics Of Her Kids!

'F**kin Sick!'

Kim Zolciak Lashes Out On Twitter Against Photoshop Accusations!

After rumors came about in September that Kim Zolciak-Biermann had photoshoppped a pic of her four-year-old daughter Kaia and son Kane on Instagram, she got some major flack, but now she’s speaking out.

The drama came about after IG account @thegoodthebadandthefake compared the photo posted by Kim to the same image uploaded by her daughter Brielle Biermann, and the trolls came out to hate.

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The RHOA star broke her silence and replied to a fan account on Twitter lashing out against the rehashed photoshop claims:

Yikes!! Do you believe her?

[Image via Kim Zolciak/Instagram.]

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Taylor Swift Gets Political Again — LOOK!

Vote, Y’all!

Taylor Swift Talks Early Voting!

Political Taylor Swift isn’t about to be a one hit wonder! 

A week after breaking her political silence and urging Tennesseans to get out and vote for Democratic Senate candidate Phil Bredesen, the pop star continued to drive home her message to followers: get out and vote, y’all!

Video: Lena Dunham On Taylor Getting Political

Captioning an Instagram picture of her feet(??), the Blank Space songstress wrote:

“Something I wish I knew about when I was 18 and voting for the first time: ✨EARLY VOTING✨. It makes it so quick and easy to go and cast your vote before November 6. Early voting starts TODAY in Tennessee and goes to Nov 1 🇺🇸
You can check out your state’s early voting dates at the link in my bio”

Thanks for the reminder, girl!

Tay’s new political attitude has no doubt struck a chord with Tennessee voters (65,000 people registered to vote in the state!), but it might not be the right one. Polls are showing that, despite the singer’s endorsement of Bredesen, GOP Rep. Marsha Blackburn is up by 14 points.

Uh oh. Maybe Taylor’s foot pic will help even it out?

Even fetishers need to exercise their rights to vote!

[Image via Instagram]

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Ariana Grande Addresses Pete Davidson Split For The First Time

'It's Very Sad'

Ariana Grande Addresses Her Breakup & Plans For Social Media Hiatus

This week, Ariana Grande has been powering through work despite a terminated engagement to former fiance Pete Davidson.

After she almost let the anxiety of it all get the best of her, the Sweetener performer was able to complete her taped performance for NBC‘s A Very Wicked Halloween alongside Idina Menzel.

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Following wrap, Ari documented how thankful she was for the experience, before telling fans she needed a break from social media.

The singer shared a black image to Instagram Story, saying:

“time to say bye bye to the internet for just a lil bit. it’s hard not to bump news n stuff that i’m not tryna to see rn. it’s very sad and we’re all tryin very hard to keep goin. love u. and thank u for bein here always.”

See her full post — which has since been deleted — and some pics from her Wicked taping (below)!

Ariana Grande leaving social media

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A post shared by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) on

Hopefully this internet hiatus is just what her heart needs!

[Image via Instagram]

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Britney Spears Thanks Selena Gomez For Workout Motivation!

Uplifting Your Fellow Pop Queen

Britney Spears Thanks Selena Gomez For Workout Motivation!

From one pop queen to another!

On Monday, Britney Spears shared a workout video on Instagram where she thanks Selena Gomez — and her song Bad Liar — for giving her some much-appreciated motivation.

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In the clip, “Godney” — wearing a pink “Heart Breaker” crop top and striped shorts — exercises using a jump rope and some weights.

The 36-year-old added the caption:

“Long workout out today!!! @selenagomez definitely helped me get through it”

As we reported last week, Selena reportedly suffered an “emotional breakdown” related to her 2017 kidney transplant, and is currently receiving treatment at a psychiatric facility on the East Coast.

See Brit’s video (below):

[Image via FayesVision/Apega/WENN.]

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Fans Flood Cazzie David’s IG Warning Not To Get Back With Pete Davidson


Cazzie David Fans Flood Instagram With Pete Davidson Comments!

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande‘s breakup is stressing out an unexpected group — Cazzie David fans.

Followers have flooded the YouTube star’s Instagram with comments telling her not to take back her SNL star ex.

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Is that really a concern?

Certainly she didn’t bring this up as the chatter is on her most recent pic — which is from 5 days ago!

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by CAZZIE (@cazziedavid) on

Comments got pretty mean but included a lot of similar sentiments:

Dont take him back. I REPEAT don’t take him back!! 😎”


“Girl we all knew it wasn’t gonna last. That relationship was pure lust. You are too good for him.”

don’t answer that text, he’s a loser!! 😩”


Do YOU assume Pete will try to get Cazzie back??

[Image via Cazzie David/Pete Davidson/Instagram.]

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Jennifer Lopez’s Abs Are UNBELIEVABLE At 49 Years Old!

Seriously, J.Lo?!

Jennifer Lopez Shows Off RIDICULOUS Abs -- Look!


Jennifer Lopez has seriously found the fountain of youth or something, because she is 49 years old going on 21… and she looks INCREDIBLE!

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In a new photo posted to her Instagram account late last night, J.Lo showed off her incredible six-pack abs and fully fit, toned body (below):

Unreal!!! Hot, sexy, and inspiring!!

And this isn’t the first time she’s showed off her #gains, either!

Back in September, it was the gun show (below):

As well as a booty-ful booty shot (below):


Honestly, though… what’s your secret, J.Lo?!

Because we would VERY much like to know! LOLz!

[Image via Instagram.]

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