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Hot New Cryptocurrency $CBD Coin Seeks Hollywood Talent For Upcoming Campaigns After Meteoric Launch

CBD Coin

Everyone is STILL talking about cryptocurrency! It’s a wild time to be alive!

While cryptocurrency is a new technology with wild trends that experts are still learning more about, we have learned that currencies that succeed are ones with a real world application and lots of cash to back it up.  

That’s why this past Monday when Joe Vargas, CEO of a massive global e-commerce platform launched $CBD Coin and its valuation jumped 1000% in 24 hours, investors are salivating about its potential. $CBD Coin can be used to purchase CBD products by simply adding the $CBD Coin API to that company’s website. 

Virtually every CBD brand is expected to be on board as this solves payment processing issues for the entire CBD industry and makes every CBD brand function smoother as a result. Immediately 3% of the transaction fees that $CBD Coin collects are invested back into the currency as liquidity which provides them with lots of stability. $CBD Coin stands out from their competitors by being tied to stable factors such as an already well established $3 billion dollar industry with millions of customers and counting.

After their first day, $CBD Coin hit a market cap value of $10 million and they were listed on CoinGecko within 12 hours from launch, which is unheard of in the crypto world. All of this buzz around $CBD Coin in such a short time has got industry experts expecting $CBD Coin to be on multiple exchanges and even Binance in the future which is the largest global cryptocurrency trading platform.

CBD Coin in Vegas
(c) CBD Coin

Another reason that consumers trust the future of $CBD Coin so much is Joe.

Joe Vargas, 42, served in the military for 8 years and spent 6 years as the head of an industry leading e-commerce platform. With this new and exciting cryptocurrency, Joe is now able to have a larger impact around the world than he already has. Joe got involved with CBD initially because of its incredible benefits it has for people who need treatment for relentless sleep problems, arthritis, severe muscle and bone injuries, seizures and even pets. One of the brands that Joe sells on CBDOil is American CBD, a CBD product that directly donates to wounded soldiers and veterans with every sale.

Part of what makes $CBD Coin so important to Joe is that another 3% of it’s transaction fees are allocated to a charity wallet, which provides CBD products to Americans who are living off of governmental assistance and can’t afford CBD products for their treatments. Within just one day of their launch $CBD Coin generated over $130,000 for their charity wallet.

CBD Coin in Vegas launch
(c) CBD Coin

Now that $CBD Coin has established itself as a top tier cryptocurrency with the momentum, infrastructure and real world applications to back it up, they are making massive marketing moves. According to our sources $CBD Coin is planning on collaborating with influencers and celebrities all over the world, prompting massive investments before another spike in their coin before $CBD Coin’s valuation skyrockets again. 

Within the next 90 days $CBD Coin is expected to lock down massive deals in Hollywood with influencers, models, crypto currency influencers and actors as they take these campaigns international. Snoop Dogg, who is heavily involved in the marijuana industry, has been rumored to be a star that $CBD Coin is in talks with.

To learn more about the hottest cryptocurrency in the world right now, visit or on Instagram and Twitter @CBD_Coin.

[Image via CBD Coin]

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Jun 17, 2021 00:15am PDT

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