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The Keto Diet -- What It Is & Who's Doing It!

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Keto curious?

We’re here to answer questions about the ketogenic diet kraze, including what it is, what you can really eat, and who’s following it!

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Read on for everything keto:

What Is Keto?

A ketogenic (AKA keto) diet is a high-fat, low-carb lifestyle which has become increasingly popular in the past several years. This style of eating has been shown to offer quick weight loss results, with many studies proving it to be beneficial when it comes to different health disorders such as epilepsy, and is currently being studied to see the effect on other brain conditions including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

The lack of carbs in your body puts you into a metabolic state (ketosis). When this happens, your body is able to burn fat more efficiently, and turns fat into ketones in the liver which serves as added brain fuel. Aside from that, the keto lifestyle has been shown as an effective way to lower your factors for disease, triglycerides, and your blood pressure.

What Can You Eat?

The diet is actually a lot more than just eating lots of avocados and skipping the pasta. Here are some keto staples you’ll want to have on hand at all times:

  • Meat: Go crazy with all meats!
  • Fatty fish: Fish works too! Try tuna, trout, mackerel, and salmon
  • Eggs: Cook ’em any way you’d like. Look out for omega-3 whole eggs at the store.
  • Cheese: Unprocessed to avoid any unnecessary additives (cheddar, cream, blue, goat, mozzarella)
  • Butter and Cream: Noticing a trend? Fats are good! Look for grass-fed when possible.
  • Avocados: Because who doesn’t love avocados? Low-carb veggies are great, too.
  • Nuts & Seeds: Almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds

What To Avoid Eating

And here’s what to avoid:

  • Grains & Starches: All wheat-based products (pasta, rice, cereal, etc.) are no more
  • Beans & Legumes: Say goodbye to chickpeas, lentils, peas, etc.
  • Fruit: With the exception of small portions of berries
  • Root Veggies: Potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, etc.

Additionally, you’ll want to be mindful of most low-fat, sugar-free, and diet products. Many of these are heavily processed and high in sneaky carbohydrates, as well as unhealthy fats.

Who’s Eating Keto?

So who’s following a keto diet? Most notably, Vinny Guadagnino of Jersey Shore fame has spun his weight loss success into a keto lifestyle brand: Keto Guido, complete with a book and popular Instagram account where he shares plenty of diet hacks:

Ever wondered how Halle Berry stays in such great shape? The actress swears by the ketogenic diet to help manage her diabetes, which she has dealt with for over 30 years. Take a look at the 53-year-old’s Insta Story highlights for food and fitness inspo!

Similarly, Jenna Jameson has seen great results from the keto diet! The former adult star lost over 80 lbs in under a year, sharing her impressive results and slamming critics on her IG profile:

Vanessa Hudgens stays in shape alternating between intermittent fasting and the keto diet! She previously shared with People (below) in April 2019:

“If you have the right ingredients to keep you on track, I think it’s amazing. I’m always making sure I’m getting those healthy fats in, so I eat a LOT of almond butter. You feel really energetic and supported on the keto diet.”

Need some snack inspo? The High School Musical star put top keto treats to the test (below) so you don’t have to:

While Riverdale star Mark Consuelos has seen impressive results with the diet, his wife Kelly Ripa won’t be hopping on the bandwagon any time soon:

“My husband has gone full keto, which I don’t mind telling you is something I could never do. I just don’t have that level of discipline. Mark says that I’m carb-o because I always eat his bun if he gets a burger. And the fries. But, you know, I workout, so I feel like I’m allowed. I’m 48, I’m entitled and I’m eating whatever I want to eat.”

What do U think about the keto diet, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF (below) in the comments with your thoughts!!

[Image via Brian To/Apega/Judy Eddy/WENN & Jenna Jameson/Keto Guido/Instagram.]

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