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Former Bachelorette Villain Chad Johnson Caught Kissing Ronnie Ortiz-Magro's Ex In Vegas! (Video)

Chad Johnson and Jen Harley were spotted kissing while out and about together in Las Vegas this week!

Here’s a match that could ONLY be made in the City of Sin: former Bachelorette super-villain Chad Johnson and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro‘s baby momma Jen Harley.

No, seriously! These two were caught kissing — on camera — while out and about in Las Vegas on Thursday night, so no matter how they may try to deny it or play down what happened, there was a serious physical connection here all caught on video. Cue the fireworks and drama!!!!

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TMZ got the exclusive first look at this couple (or hookup buddies?), as you can see HERE. In the pics and video provided, the two are literally all over each other at JING in what apparently was a Thursday night outing late last week that’s only now coming to the light of day in the media. So much for social distancing, right?!

As you’ll recall, Harley is the former Jersey Shore star’s much-maligned ex-girlfriend and baby momma. The two of them had a volatile relationship while they were together for daughter Ariana Sky, including living together in Vegas for a time and allegedly constantly fighting. That led to major legal troubles for the former east coast reality TV superstar, and eventually they fizzled… which was probably for the best.

For his part, Johnson played a truly infamous villain on The Bachelorette (remember how he always had to be shirtless and could only eat meat?!) before being spun off onto Bachelor in Paradise where he had an unforgettable meltdown on host Chris Harrison and got sent home. That’s just the cliff notes version, of course; the guy was a high-end real estate agent after achieving fame on the show. Oh, and the porn. Don’t forget the porn!!!

BTW, like Ronnie, Chad is also coming off his own legal battle and alleged domestic incident of his own involving an ex-girlfriend, as well. Hmmm…

And now, well, these two are together? Or something? Judging by the pics and video (above), it’s not exactly like they held off on PDA really during any of the time they were together and on camera! Which makes it pretty easy to jump to some conclusions!!! FWIW, Chad and Ronnie used to be friends — that’s how the reality TV super villain first met Jen — and apparently things have just rolled on through from there!

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What’s really interesting even after the pictures here is how Jen’s rep flat out denies anything is going on! The PR flack spoke to TMZ about getting caught red-handed and denied, denied, denied, saying:

“Jen Harley is not dating Chad or anyone for that matter. Jen is only friends with Chad and had met up with him to show him a house earlier that day for sale. Jen had not had anything to eat all day, she was drinking alcohol at the club and was extremely intoxicated. Jen does not remember anything in the video and is disgusted and embarrassed by her actions. Jen feels she was set up by Chad and his friends who were clearly taking videos to sell to the press.”

Um… WOW!

That is certainly quite the accusation!

Sounds plausible, or nah? Are you buying it, Perezcious readers? Or is Jen’s PR person just trying to cover her tracks for her??

Sound OFF about all this with your take on the matter down in the comments (below)…

[Image via Chad Johnson/Jen Harley/Instagram]

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