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Multimillionaire HGTV Star Chip Gaines Roasted By Fellow Christians After 'Out Of Touch' Money Comment!

Multimillionaire HGTV Star Chip Gaines Roasted By Fellow Christians After 'Out Of Touch' Money Comment!

Chip Gaines is probably regretting this social media exchange!

Over on X (Twitter) on Wednesday, the Fixer Upper alum got into a back-and-forth about college basketball. While it was supposed to be a fun and lighthearted exchange, Joanna Gaines‘ husband really stepped in it. And now he’s paying the price with a bunch of angry fans calling him out for his tone-deaf theories about money — and skepticism over his supposed good Christian faith!!

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This all started back on Wednesday morning when a Barstool Sports account for the University of Kentucky made a joke about that college basketball powerhouse school’s search for a coach. The up-and-coming coach on every major program’s minds right now is Scott Drew, who is currently the head coach of the Baylor University men’s basketball team.

As you may know, Chip and Joanna’s real estate-slash-home goods empire is based in Waco, Texas — the same city that hosts Baylor’s campus. The HGTV superstar is very (very, very) proud and vocal graduate of Baylor. With that, he’s a HUGE supporter of Baylor Bears athletics. So, he doesn’t want to see Coach Drew get poached by another team! Understandable! And thus, when the UK Barstool account dropped this tweet (below), Chip had to respond:

Funny, right? But then he took it a step further! After another user intimated that UK can drop major coin to lure Coach Drew away from Baylor with a big salary, the 49-year-old real estate mogul delivered this shocking reply:

“Money is boring.. everybody’s got money. We’ve got God on our side.”

Uh what?!

“Everybody’s got money”?? Seriously?! Maybe everybody who has a real estate empire does. But not the average person! At least not money like how Chip and Joanna are fortunate enough to view money! In response, Chip’s followers and college basketball fans alike were extremely unimpressed by him being so dismissive about the importance of money — and using God as a cudgel in the matter, no less:

“Said by someone who doesn’t have to worry about money”

“Chip, pass me some of that boring money. I’ll take the boredom off your hands.”

“If money is boring, send me some of yours.”

“Money is boring when you have tons of it, but what about the poor that Jesus championed? What about compassion and trying to help the helpless?”

“Your tweet is tone deaf to all the suffering because people don’t have money. The Bible teaches us to have empathy & charity to those less fortunate.”

“The Bible says it’s impossible for a rich man to get into Heaven.”

“Chip Gaines has always creeped me out. How out of touch can you be? I guess his ‘God’ made him filthy rich”

“Man I love your show and all, and I absolutely get joking about basketball — but this tweet is not cool. The majority of people in this country worry about money because they don’t have enough of it.”


Per Yahoo! Finance, Chip and Joanna have an estimated net worth of $50 million. So, yeah, maybe money is boring to him. But we wouldn’t mind a piece of that $50 million! Sure doesn’t sound boring to us! Or to any of these folks in the replies (above) who are grinding it out at work every day! What about U, Perezcious readers?? Got any reactions to Chip’s tone deaf tweet?? Share ’em in the comments (below)!

[Image via Magnolia/YouTube]

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