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Sportscaster Pat McAfee Calls WNBA Star Caitlin Clark 'White Bitch' -- But Says It Was A Compliment! Huh?!

Sportscaster Pat McAfee Calls WNBA Star Caitlin Clark A ‘White Bitch’ While DEFENDING Her! & Says It Was A Compliment! Huh?!

Pat McAfee is under fire after complimenting Caitlin Clark… In the most backwards way possible!

During Monday’s episode of The Pat McAfee Show, the retired NFL star weighed in on the controversy surrounding the recent WNBA game between the Chicago Sky and the Indiana Fever. If you haven’t heard, the Sky’s Chennedy Carter hip-checked Caitlin, resulting in a foul. Pat was at the game, and on Monday’s episode of his show he went on a bit of a rant about how much Caitlin has done to boost interest in the WNBA overall.

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He noted how all of Caitlin’s games boast the highest viewership ratings, and that her jersey sales are currently number one in the league. The 37-year-old also argued it’s NOT this season’s “rookie class” that’s popular in general, but specifically Caitlin. He also argued against common discourse that she’s only popular because she’s white. However, his choice of words was… well, kind of another foul against Caitlin:

“I would like the media people that continue to say, ‘This rookie class, this rookie class, this rookie class’. Nah, just call it for what it is — there’s one white bitch for the Indiana team who is a superstar.”

UHHH, excuse us?! Did he REALLY call her that?! Sadly, yes. And it ain’t sitting right with fans. See some of the reactions on X (Twitter):

In response, he took to the social media app to backtrack… By saying that he intended the remark as a compliment! He wrote:

“I shouldn’t have used “white bitch” as a descriptor of Caitlin Clark. No matter the context.. even if we’re talking about race being a reason for some of the stuff happening.. I have way too much respect for her and women to put that into the universe. My intentions when saying it were complimentary just like the entire segment but, a lot of folks are saying that it certainly wasn’t at all. That’s 100% on me and for that I apologize… I have sent an apology to Caitlin as well.  Everything else I said… still alllllll facts. #Journalism #WNBAProgrum #SheIsTheOne”

See (below):

Sorry, but how was “bitch” meant as complimentary in this context? Did he think he was doing a thing here? Or is this just the way he talks about women with his guy friends and none of them think twice about it??

What are YOUR takes on this controversy?? Let us know in the comments down below.

[Images via The Pat McAfee Show & NBC Sports/YouTube]

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