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Chris Evans' Capitol Riots Tweet Backfires After Fans Bring Up His Politically Unbiased Website!

Chris evans capitol tweet backfires political website

Chris Evans’ politically unbiased website is coming back to haunt him amid the chaos at the US capitol.

Like many celebs — and sane minded people in general — the Captain America star shook his head at the baffling riots on Wednesday, which saw thousands of Donald Trump supporters storming Washington DC in what turned out to be an attempted coup that cost the lives of four people.

As the mayhem progressed, stars and civilians alike expressed dismay on social media — and Evans was one of many in the choir, tweeting:

“So many people enabled this.”

Chris Evans riot capitol tweet backlash
(c) Chris Evans/Twitter

He’s certainly not wrong there! But quite a few social media users gave a response that the 39-year-old definitely didn’t see coming: they named HIM one of the enablers.

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That’s right, y’all. A drove of Twitics accused Chris himself of enabling this chaos by creating his non-partisan civil engagement website, A Starting Point, which works with elected officials — both Democratic and Republican — to break down complex political issues in hopes of keeping folks woke.

Fans fumed:

“*sigh* With all due respect, ASP is one of those enablers. You allowed some of those same politicians on there, even invited Trump which he declined. We’ve been telling you that you can’t do both sides, not in these times.”

“lmao don’t forget your ~both sides~ starting point website that gave credibility to the people that uplifted this s**t. the design was bad too.”

“Including you. I’m a big fan and usually love the points you make, but A Starting Point is classic both-siderism which helps create social cover for fascism. I hope you will re-think your approach in the future.”

Yikes… probably not the reaction he was hoping for!

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Meanwhile, Chris’ supporters defended the website, telling critics that it was created with good intentions:

“ASP has done a world of good, ENABLING people from both sides to debate and air their views in neutral territory. Instead of judging Chris and ASP why not place the blame squarely where it should lie?  On Trump and his treasonous supporters”

“From my understanding ASP is a site where politicians from both sides can converse with the public about their policies. This is a great tool to help more people become politically aware. I doubt the conversations were about political coups or violent demonstrations.”

Uhhh we sure hope not!

For those who don’t know, Chris launched the website on July 14, 2020 after working on it for two years alongside the site’s co-founders, actor and filmmaker Mark Kassen and technology entrepreneur Joe Kiani. In a Twitter video announcing the platform, the actor said he hoped the unbiased content will create “a little more connectivity between elected officials and their constituents” and “demystify some issues that [he] thinks some people may find daunting.”

In the site’s “Welcome” video, Chris explained getting the idea after trying to Google an issue he didn’t understand while watching the news. When he went to search his question, he was met with a “mountain of information,” making him think:

“What if there was a way that I could get not only concise answers to common questions, but get the answers from the elected officials themselves?”

The way we see it, having an unbiased website aiming to unite both sides of the political spectrum with real information is a good thing. It’s just maybe not the best week to be the creator of one.

What do U think, Perezcious readers?

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