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Man Appears To Have Discovered Shrimp Tails In His Cinnamon Toast Crunch! This Saga Is WILD!

A man found what appear to be shrimp tails in his Cinnamon Toast Crunch -- and General Mills denied it!

UPDATE 3:10 P.M. PST: Cinnamon Toast Crunch has released a statement to their Twitter saying “with confidence” that the contamination within Jenson’s cereal box “did not occur at our facility.” They also urge anyone to report boxes that have been “tampered with.” But while CTC waits for “the package to investigate further,” Karp has taken matters into his own hands, sending his box to a DNA lab! This is INSANE!


This. Is. CRAZY!!!

A writer named Jensen Karp (who also happens to be actress Danielle Fishel‘s husband) took to Twitter on Monday morning to relay something really strange: it appeared as though he found a pair of shrimp tails in his Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal! And he posted pics to prove it!

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The whole thing started out wildly enough when Karp called out the official CTC Twitter account and (understandably!) asked why shellfish tails would be in his cereal (below):

Uhhhhh… WTF?!

That’s a potentially life-threatening issue for people with shellfish allergies — not to mention a completely disgusting cross-contamination problem for the rest of us! How did they get in there?! We need to know more!!

CTC’s initial response was solid enough, and pretty standard for a corporate Twitter account (below):


But then things took a turn for the weird… Understandably, Karp turned down the offer of a replacement box:

And while he direct messaged the company to get things sorted out, he also made an lighthearted joke at their expense (below)!

But in response, General Mills (which makes the CTC brand) claimed that their own “investigation” determined the weird pieces were not actually shrimp tails, but instead “an accumulation of the cinnamon sugar.” WTF?!


Dude… those really look like shrimp tails! And they really don’t look like “an accumulation of the cinnamon sugar.” Why deny it after Karp has already shown multiple pictures??

Miffed by the bizarre corporate response, Karp doubled down with MORE pictures (below) and, yeah, they really look like shrimp tails:

So crazy!!! From there, CTC took it to the DMs, and things continued to get weird:

Vouchers?! Who TF wants vouchers?!

Later in the morning, Karp also noted that there were bizarre black spots baked into specific pieces of the cereal, and showed his findings here:

That’s BEYOND gross. We don’t even want to imagine… just… ugh. What happened to quality control?! The poor guy, who even hosts his own podcast Talk Ain’t Cheap, even noted how the other (still unopened!) bag in the box contained what appeared to him to be dental floss:

Dude… We’re going to barf.

Predictably, Twitter went absolutely berserk in responding to Karp’s pictures and claims. By Tuesday morning, some accounts were questioning whether he’d staged the whole thing for publicity, which Karp himself was quick to deny:


Mostly, though, other users were keen on slamming Cinnamon Toast Crunch for even denying the possible presence of shrimp remnants in the first place (below):

“Lord, please grant me the confidence of a cereal brand that looks at this picture and says there is NO possibility these are shrimp tails. Pure, unwavering arrogance at such a high level I almost applaud it.”

“My ex loves CTC and has a severe allergy to shellfish. If this happened to him he’d be dead. This is unacceptably ignorant of these people.”

“Jeez, this could kill people with shellfish allergies, that’s awful.”

“WTF CTC!? Someone obviously had their lunch on the assembly line somewhere in your supply chain instead of the break room. This whole lot needs to be recalled ASAP before someone with a shellfish allergy eats this and you aren’t going to get to gaslight anaphylaxis.”

“Cereal? More like seareal. Amirite? (But seriously, this is f**king gross)”

“I wonder if they were discarded from someone’s lunch? Could a worker have been eating on the job? Let’s take a closer look into the CTC labor practices!”

“the company being so flippant about a potentially deadly contamination is pretty disheartening”


Things went from 0 to 100 real quick, and while it’s mostly fun and games for a lot of us, shellfish allergies are no joke! If those things really are shrimp tails, General Mills has a lot to answer for when it comes to their production line…

By Tuesday morning, Karp updated where things stood (below), and it sounds like this ordeal is far from over:


And he even managed to poke a little fun at himself through the entire process, too:

Ha! Love it!

Seriously, though, what do y’all make of this wild situation, Perezcious readers?! First off, do U think Karp is telling the truth? Or are you one of those skeptical people unsure about the origin of the supposed shrimp tails?!

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And as for CTC, we can understand General Mills in regards to a box being cross-contaminated here and there. We can’t imagine how many boxes of cereal they churn out every day, so even in very small numbers, s**t is bound to happen, unfortunately. Apparently, really gross s**t.

But, like, why be weird about it? Why call what appear to be shrimp tails “an accumulation of the cinnamon sugar” without even being able to investigate the thing in person? Such a strange, tone-deaf response!

Sound OFF with your take on this whole saga down in the comments (below)!!!

[Image via Jensen Karp/Twitter]

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