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The Story Of How Colman Domingo Met His Husband On Craigslist Is PURE MAGIC!!!

Colman Domingo Has The BEST Story Of How He Met His Husband Raúl On Craigslist!

Colman and Raúl Domingo were written in the stars — er, or at least on Craigslist!

On Friday’s episode of The Graham Norton Show, the 54-year-old actor spoke about how he first crossed paths with his now-hubby, and it sounds like something straight from a romance movie!

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The Color Purple star gushed about seeing the screenwriter for the first time in the mid-2000s while walking past a Walgreens in Cali:

“I’m walking in and I see someone walking out. Has beautiful hair down to here, lip piercing, beautiful, beautiful. I see this guy and we look at each other, and I’m like ‘Oh my god.’ I’m on the phone and I come outside and we look at each other and he’s talking to this young woman and she seems to be angry about something.”

He said they continued to make eye contact as they passed by one another, but eventually the handsome stranger became the one that got away. As Colman made his way into a Blockbuster, he checked his watch and saw it was “8:03” and debated about coming back to try and find the mystery man:

“I thought, maybe I’ll come back next Sunday and he’ll be here. I’m that kind of hopeless romantic.”

Of course, this was way before Tinder or any sort of online dating, so it would be a LOT harder for the pair to run into each other again. They couldn’t just try and stalk each other’s Instagrams, so they had to rely on fate — and fate delivered:

“Cut to three days later, I’m trying to buy a used computer and I was just scanning Craigslist, so I thought, ‘Maybe I’ll post one of those missed connections ad, I wonder if they work.’ I go to page two of them, as I’m reading I see, ‘Saw you outside of Walgreens…Berkeley.’ He placed an ad for me two hours before.”


The story ends in a happily ever after for the ages. Colman found his mysterious stranger, Raúl, and after just one night of cuddling, the rest was history:

“So we met up, three days later we had our first date. I was trying to be a good boy and go home. He said, ‘Can you stay over?’ I said, ‘Sure but let’s just cuddle,’ We cuddled, I thought he was sleep. 4 o’clock in the morning, I said, ‘I think I love you, and you’re about to change my life.’ And we’ve been together almost 19 years now.”

Ch-ch-check out the sweet story (below):

Aww! If that doesn’t convince you that true love exists, nothing will!

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[Image via The Graham Norton Show/YouTube/MEGA/WENN]

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