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Comedian Christina P. Says She Overdosed On Ozempic!

Comedian Christine P. Overdosed On Ozempic

Comedian Christina P. won’t be making this massive mistake again!

During an episode of her podcast Your Mom’s House, the 47-year-old performer told listeners that she had “started back on the Ozempics” again. Since Christina had been on the type 2 diabetes drug before with little success, her doctor decided to increase the dosage this time around. She recalled:

“The doctor goes, ‘You know what, since you ate right through it last time, I’m going to start you on a higher dose.’ And I’m like, ‘Alright, fair enough. I’m a pig.’”

Christina explained that he ordered her to take ten units to start. However, she thought that sounded “like a lot,” especially since she hadn’t “been on it in a minute.” So she decided to ignore her physician’s instructions and dialed “it back to five units.” According to the ozempic website, the standard dose for the medicine is .25 mg weekly. After four weeks, the dosage increases to .5 mg a week. The website further warns people that “the maximum dose of ozempic is 2 mg once a week.” It is unknown how Christina converted her dosing to “units” from those milligrams. But apparently, Christina ended up taking WAY over the recommended dose!

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After she gave herself the injection one day, she joined her husband Tom Segura and their friends for a dinner and felt super sick. Christina explained:

“I’m like, ‘Dude, I can’t even [eat]. I feel nauseous. I can’t even eat this bread. My mouth is dry. I feel like I’m gonna throw up.’ And then I wake up in the middle of the night, like, super nauseous. I’m like, ‘This is working this time. I’m down, like, 3 lbs.’ I’m starving. I take a bite. And I’m like, ‘Oh, I’m full. This feels great.’ You know?”

Things were not “great,” though! When a nurse pal of hers came to visit the following week, Christina said she asked for some advice with the dose:

“I go, ‘Hey, just let me just confirm this dosing, because I’m not so sure. Like, should I be taking more or less?’ She goes, ’Well, how much did you take last week?’ … I go, ‘Five units.’”

It turns out Christina did not take five units! According to her friend, she actually took “50 units” — which is “enough for a 500-lb. Man.” OMG!! Although this was no laughing matter, Christina could not contain herself as she said:

“I’m like, ‘Well, it f**ing worked!’

Jeez. Note to everyone: Don’t do what Christina did! Follow the medical professional’s orders when it comes to medication! She’s super lucky everything turned out OK. Watch a clip from the podcast (below):


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[Image via Comedy Central/YHM Studios/YouTube]

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