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Tori Spelling Admits She's A Hoarder -- And Can't Even Afford To Pay For All Her Storage Units Anymore!

Tori Spelling Admits She's A Hoarder & Can't Afford To Pay For Her Storage Units Anymore!

Tori Spelling is being really open and honest in her tell-all podcast. Like, really open and honest. About everything. Not just her divorce drama!

We’ve been covering the saga of her split from husband Dean McDermott, and it’s been refreshing how frank the Beverly Hills, 90210 star is finally getting on her misSPELLING podcast about it. But that’s not the only thing she’s opening up about on the pod. Recently she was TMI about the fact that she can’t poop alone. (Yes, really.) And now, she’s opening up about hoarding, too.

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On a brand new episode of her podcast that dropped on Thursday, the 50-year-old television star admitted she has been combing through her four rented storage units to try to pare down and get rid of a lot of the clutter. You know, everything that doesn’t spark joy. The problem is, she can’t! Tori very plainly admitted that she’s a hoarder:

“I’m a hoarder, you guys! Hi, my name’s Tori and I’m a hoarder. There, I said it. I always tell people, ‘I’m not a hoarder. I’m a collector.'”


It took her years to get to this point where she can admit that she’s been keeping too much stuff that she doesn’t need. In fact, it was only after her family dealt with that infamous mold infestation and briefly moved into an Airbnb to get away from it did she realize how cluttered her life had been:

“Now I can breathe [after moving] because I don’t have all my s**t falling on top of me.”

She got FOUR storage units for all the junk, but it’s time to downsize — because she can’t pay for them all anymore!

It’s been a rude awakening, but a healthy one. Now that she’s seen the light, Tori is dead-set on making life better for the five kids she shares with Dean: Liam, 17, Stella, 15, Hattie, 12, Finn, 11, and Beau, 7. She explained:

“I would like to clean up my life for my kids because they deserve better.”

Apparently, the hoarding got so bad in recent years that Dean called her out on it. And as she can now admit, he was right!! Even while going through this divorce from the Chopped Canada host and finding herself at odds with him on so many things, Tori wasn’t too proud to acknowledge Dean was correct in urging her to get rid of s**t in those storage units:

“For a long time Dean wanted to clear these out and he was right. He said, ‘We’ve gotta pare down and we don’t need this stuff. And sometimes stuff is just stuff.’ But for me, it wasn’t just stuff, even small things. It was my story. It was my journey.”

OMG, is this what she was crying about that day she was snapped outside the storage units?? We assumed it was about the divorce, seeing as she filed just days later. But was it making a clean break??

Now, whether she likes it or not, Tori’s storage unit saga will end on May 1. That’s the date when she’ll lose access to the units after her monthly lease runs out. For a long time, she struggled with the thought of having to give up her stuff, which she saw as part of her identity. But now she’s prepared to let go — both for her finances and her mental health:

“It felt like I didn’t exist, like I was just erasing something and so I couldn’t let go. But now I’m ready to let go of a lot of stuff. Well, because I have to, because I can’t pay for it.”

As ’90s TV fans no doubt know, Tori is the daughter of famed film and television producer Aaron Spelling. As a child, she grew up in an infamous 56,000-square foot home in El Lay. But that sheltered life didn’t prepare her at all for the real world, she explained. In fact, it actually worked against her:

“I don’t want sympathy, but I was taught or I wasn’t taught how to function in the real world and I’m doing the best I can. I want to tell you something that’s not going to be shocking. I’m not good with money. I suck with money. I didn’t even know how to write a check until I was in my 40s.”

Just, uh, wow. She went on:

“All my co-stars were making investments. They were buying properties. They were being smart about it. And I didn’t know and I had no guidance at all.”

Oof. Well, hopefully things are changing for her now. Decluttering her life and getting rid of unnecessary stuff is definitely a good start, that’s for sure. Reactions, Perezcious readers? Share ’em (below)…

[Image via MEGA/Adriana M. Barraza/WENN]

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