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Comedian Matt Rife Weighing Legal Action Against Claim He Blew Execs For 'Internet Fame'!

Comedian Matt Rife Legal Action Suck Executives Off Claim

Matt Rife, we have some notes, pal.

The standup comic is considering legal action against some wild claims that went viral on social media this week. According to a source spilling all to TMZ, the comedian has been reaching out to legal teams about his options — including a lawsuit. The insider says he wants to stand up and fight because he’s feels like his reputation has been damaged.

We guess the rising star isn’t too familiar with what’s called the Streisand Effect — where reacting too strongly to something you don’t want out there only attracts exponentially more attention to it. We mean, we didn’t think the salacious claims were even worth talking about, but if Matt is going to fight them in court, well…

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What happened was, a fellow comic named Nima Yamini gave a video testimonial this week claiming he and Rife were brought into a room with two executives and offered “internet fame.” The catch? They had to “suck both executives off” in order to sign the contracts. Yamini claims in the vid he gave the execs a hard pass — but before he was even out of the room, Matt was “sucking both off” himself.

The thing is, this is a really inane accusation. You can’t bottle and sell internet fame — the public is fickle and bizarre. Just look at the Babadook becoming a queer icon. You can’t predict this stuff! Besides, if all it took to get fast-tracked to fame was offering sexual favors, a LOT of comedians we know would have taken that shortcut over the countless thankless hours doing shows for free to hone your skills and build a fanbase. All while trying to pay the rent with dayjobs! We mean, this would certainly beat working two jobs! Well, in a way we guess it is working two jobs… Look, all we’re saying is that’s how Matt Rife could have responded. With jokes. We mean, that is his skill set, right?

Obviously if this were true it would be really ugly of Yamini to paint this as something Rife did wrong. We’re in a post #MeToo world, man! Call out the execs if you have a real accusation to make! In the story he’s telling, Rife is the victim — and that’s who he’s trying to smear?? Ick. Rife may even be well within his rights to sue! We have no idea, we aren’t lawyers.

But Matt, guy, you have to stop fighting everyone who takes shots at you! Comedians are expected to deal with hecklers, and that’s off the cuff. If you have the time to craft a social media response, you should be able to destroy anyone coming for your reputation! Right?

What do YOU think, Perezcious readers?

[Image via Netflix/YouTube.]

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Mar 08, 2024 14:16pm PDT