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Morgan Wallen's Sister Defends Him In N-Word Controversy As More Companies Sever Ties

Morgan Wallen's sister comes to his defense in the midst of his n-word controversy

Country singer Morgan Wallen is getting some support from his sister right now, but will it be good enough to get him back in the entertainment industry’s good graces?

As we’ve been reporting this week, the Up Down singer went viral for all the wrong reasons when video cameras captured him using the N-word in public after a night out in Nashville last weekend. Country radio stations have already dropped his songs, and entertainers all across the industry sent significant rebukes of his language and attitude showed on the video.

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Now, Ashlyne is trying to walk things back for her brother with a new statement about how he’s a good person and wants to do better after making a (very bad) mistake.

In part in her statement, according to TMZ, the supportive sister stated (below):

“[The incident] did not come from a place of hate or malicious intent … There are 3 things you should ever do about a mistake: admit it, learn from it, and don’t repeat it.” She says her older brother now knows this is the path he must choose. I do not believe the pure hate he has received is beneficial to the situation in anyway. There is criticism he is receiving that is positive and educational — this should continue to happen, as it will help him grow and learn from his mistake. But, making a comment out of pure hatred about someone that you do not personally know, based on a short clip of him at a low point in his personal life, is unwarranted.”

And there’s more!

She added:

“Please remember that he is a human being capable of doing good and bad, just like everyone else on this Earth. Believe me, he is well aware of his wrongdoing and will be making changes in his life to rectify his actions in any way that he can. But the way he is being portrayed at the moment is simply not who he is as a human being.”

Hmmm… Do y’all buy that explanation?

Of course, Wallen has been dropped by Big Loud RecordsSiriusXMCox Media GroupCountry Music Television, and a whole lot of other influential country music media orgs and broadcasting groups that funnel that style of music to the public.

According to TMZ, he’s also been blocked now by the folks over at Celebrity Cutouts, a business that is “currently in the process of removing all of our Morgan Wallen products.” Yikes!

Teespring, the custom shirt company that just goes by Spring now, apparently, has also said they are monitoring their uploads and products for Wallen-related content.

Quite the fall from grace, isn’t it? Is it deserved, or does “cancel culture” (also known as “consequences,” but whatever) take things like this too far, though? Or does he deserve to have his country music empire come down for making such a mistake as this?

What do U think, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF with your take on everything down in the comments (below)…

[Image via Judy Eddy/WENN]

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