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Megan Fox 'Reevaluating' After MGK Twin Flame Romance Got 'Toxic'! Will They Break Up For Good?!

Megan Fox ‘Reevaluating Everything’ After Machine Gun Kelly Romance Was ‘Getting Toxic’

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly still aren’t in a good place.

As the formerly engaged couple deals with relationship drama, a source told Us Weekly they are continuing to spend time apart. Why can’t the two “twin flames” figure it out? Because things just got far too “toxic” in the romance! The insider shared on Wednesday:

“Megan is reevaluating everything in her life. It was getting toxic between them and they were fighting a lot.”

Oof. Still no specifics of what they were fighting over. As of now, neither has opened up about what’s going on behind the scenes — and as far as the actress is concerned, that won’t be changing anytime soon! From what we can tell, it seems the first signs of trouble emerged when they suffered a devastating miscarriage, something they confirmed last year. Megan also seemed to claim MGK had cheated on her — an accusation she quickly walked back. Was it because everyone misunderstood — or did she just decide she wanted to keep it private? Hmm.

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Look, we can’t say we’re shocked they needed a break. They got so serious so fast — and the candle that burns twice as hot only burns half as long, right?

Apparently, it’s the Jennifer’s Body alum who is leading the charge on this hiatus. The source makes it sound like a lot more like a breakup, saying she “wants her freedom right now.” She was even the one to tell the rapper that “she wants space,” and to his credit, he’s giving it to her. It’s unclear how long the break will last, but last month another Us source confirmed they are “living separately” amid a particularly “rocky” moment in the relationship. They said Meg has even asked friends to “set her up” with other people! So, she’s serious about that space! And separations like this do often become permanent…

That said, not all hope is lost! A second insider told the outlet this week that the so-called twin flames’ “dynamic is a roller-coaster, and things change all the time.” But perhaps that’s not such a good thing? Who wants to be on a “roller-coaster” for more than a few minutes?? Just sayin’!

We hope they take the time they need to heal from whatever problems they’re facing. After all they’ve been through, there’s no need to rush back into an unhealthy relationship! If it’s meant to be, things will work out eventually. But we really hope they don’t stay together just because they’ve convinced themselves of this whole “twin flame” thing, like they’re stuck together.

But what do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Share your reactions in the comments (below)!

[Image via GQ/YouTube]

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