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No More Defending Hef? Crystal Hefner Announces Tell-All Memoir About ‘Power, Greed, Narcissism’!

No More Defending Hef? Crystal Hefner Announces Tell-All Memoir About ‘Power, Greed, Narcissism’!

Crystal Hefner is ready to tell her story!

The 35-year-old announced on Instagram Thursday that she is finally going to tell the full story of her time in the Playboy Mansion in a new memoir! She promises not to hold back on the details of her life as the final wife of Hugh Hefner either — exactly what everyone is looking for.

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She began her lengthy message acknowledging how Hugh had been a part of her life for more than a decade, writing:

“I was part of Hugh Hefner’s world for over a decade. ⁣By the time I left it had been a third of my life. ⁣I was with him through wild times, calm times, and all the times in between up until the day he passed away in September 2017. ⁣That day was very hard. I have lost a lot of people in my life and death is a difficult topic for me.”

As fans know, Crystal became the magazine publisher’s “number one girlfriend” and later his wife when he called it quits with Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt, and Kendra Wilkinson. Since his death, she has become increasingly vocal about her time with him — often defending Hefner when his former girlfriends have spoken out about their negative experiences with him inside the infamous mansion. She has even implied at times they were lying for attention.

But in a shocking turn of events this year, the television personality confirmed a claim from the Secrets of Playboy docuseries, in which Holly said Hef took pics of naked women when they were intoxicated. Following the episode, Crystal tweeted that she had found the “revenge porn,” and she “ripped them up and destroyed every single one of them for you and the countless other women in them.”

Now she plans to put pen to paper and share the truth of what happened inside the mansion — even though it has been “complicated and conflicting” at times. She says:

“⁣I chose to be more private over the years because I’m an introvert at heart and while the mansion in some ways was a sanctuary in other ways I was exploited like never before. I’ve been on the fence about telling my story because it’s complicated and conflicting in ways. But I think the best way to tell it is to be 100% honest and transparent so my lessons can hopefully help you too. I will tell you about my life and how my upbringing and years leading up to the Halloween party where I met Hef was the perfect storm that whisked me through those gates.”

Crystal went on to explain that she’s worked with many therapists over the years “to make sense” of all that she has gone through since those days. However, one therapist in particular described her experience almost perfectly, saying:

“One of my therapists (yes I’ve seen many to try to make sense of it all) said ‘it’s like you went trick or treating at a house and then wasn’t let back out for ten years.’ It was kind of like that.”⁣

Whoa. The Girls Next Door star continued:

“I’m ready to tell my story. I’m ready to tell you what it was really like. How my personal path lead me to Hef’s ‘shangri la’ and what I wish every woman would know. ⁣I will share how power, greed, narcissism, and a girls quest to feel loved, powerful, important and have a sense of belonging led her down a dangerous path.”

After years of longing “for freedom from what I found myself in” only to experience “the grueling opposite,” Crystal shared that she has “finally found it” following Hugh’s death. And while the model says she’s “still trying to heal from what I went through,” she’s finally ready to open up about her life:

“The story of my life, being part of Playboy and Hef’s world, and the last piece of the puzzle yet to be placed is coming soon.”

Wow. You can ch-ch-check out the entire announcement from Crystal (below):

Are you shocked that Crystal is coming out with a tell-all book, Perezcious readers? Do you think she plans on still defending Hef in it? Sound OFF with all of your reactions in the comments!

[Image via Crystal Hefner/Instagram, WENN]

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