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Angelina Was The Cheater?! Jersey Shore Star Had 'Secret Affair For 2 Years' Say Sources!

Jersey Shore Angelina Pivarnick Cheating Chris Larangeira Affair 2 Years

Have reports had this whole thing backwards??

Probably the biggest storyline on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation this season has been Angelina Pivarnick‘s collapsing marriage. It feels like ever since her drama-filled wedding in November 2019, she’s had one foot out the door. But we never thought that meant she was the one stepping out!

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We’ve heard plenty about Angelina’s suspicions that hubby Chris Larangeira was cheating on her. Heck, she even consulted a pet psychic on the matter! Ultimately the two split up for good recently, and it seemed like that was that. But maybe it wasn’t the whole story??

According to a new source spilling to The Sun US on Thursday, the whole time she was making a fuss about not having sex with Chris, about him getting it elsewhere, Angelina was enjoying something on the side herself! For two years!!!

Multiple sources told the outlet Angelina had a two-year long affair with a man named Joe Tarallo. According to the insiders, the two met and began seeing each other way back in summer 2020, just months into the marriage.

One source says they were spending so much time together, it was impossible for Chris not to notice:

“She was barely going home, which caused a lot of turbulence in her marriage.”

Chris did eventually catch on, learning about the affair during the 2020 holiday season — hence their near divorce in January 2021! But an insider says Chris wasn’t ready to give up on the whole marriage yet:

“Chris basically told Angelina, ‘You are my wife. I’m going to give you one more chance.'”

And so they didn’t go through with the split and tried in earnest to make the marriage work? Well… not exactly.

Sources say this past holiday season, the other shoe dropped — the affair never ended!

“Chris heard she was still seeing Joe, despite her assuring him that she had broken it off. Joe called Chris and confirmed to him that he had been with Angelina the entire time.”

Just to be clear, no one is saying that it started up again — they’re saying the tryst was going on behind Chris’ back basically the whole marriage! That means they were together the better part of two years! Wow!

That explains why it was Chris that filed for divorce this time. Another insider says:

“Chris knew about Joe, but he thought it was over. He was totally blindsided by the revelation that the relationship continued until this month.”

Ready for another twist? Joe, the other man, also left Angelina over some cheating allegations!

Sources told The Sun that Angelina told Joe she was divorcing Chris to be with him — but then a rumor came out last week that the reality star had hooked up with a third man while filming a Jersey Shore spinoff overseas back in November!

“Joe kept getting sucked back into the relationship with her. He ended it with Angelina when he heard about another guy in Spain.”

Speaking of Jersey Shore, a source close to the production says the cast is upset about being played — because gurl definitely got the best of the edit on the show! The insider spills:

“She’s gotten all of this sympathy from everyone due to the divorce, but now her costars think she brought all this on herself.”


Does this change how you see Angelina’s storyline now??

[Image via Jersey Shore/YouTube/Joe Tarallo/Instagram.]

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