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Cyndi Lauper's Son Declyn Sued For Allegedly Threatening To Shoot A Nurse In The Head!

Cyndi Lauper's Son Declyn Sued For Allegedly Threatening To Shoot A Nurse In The Head!

Cyndi Lauper‘s son is being sued in a REALLY disturbing new case involving a nurse who came to the young man’s home to provide an IV treatment.

According to a report published by Radar Online on Tuesday evening, 26-year-old Declyn Lauper (pictured above with his pop star momma at the MTV VMAs in 2021) is being sued by a nurse named Ruzdija Basuljevic. The nurse claims that he arrived at Declyn’s NYC residence one afternoon in late December of last year to run an at-home IV when the pop star’s son allegedly threatened to shoot him in the head?!?!

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According to Basuljevic’s suit, the story starts at 12:30 p.m. local time on afternoon of December 29, 2023. He showed up to Declyn’s NYC pad to do the at-home IV. Upon entering the apartment, the nurse allegedly “observed the presence of marijuana and drug paraphernalia,” per the filing. For the next 45 minutes, he waited for Declyn, who eventually sat down and asked the nurse “not to administer the IV” in his left arm.

So, Ruzdija took the young man’s right arm and began prepping it. But as he “attempted to insert the catheter,” the whole thing blew up. Per the suit, Declyn began to berate the nurse by shouting (below):

“Remove the IV, I don’t want it in, it doesn’t feel good! You don’t know what the f**k you are doing, fishing around and s**t for my veins! What is this your first time doing this s**t?”


At that point, Basuljevic says he removed the IV. However, he claims the nepo baby’s verbal assaults only got worse! Declyn allegedly continued to “behave in an erratic and aggressive manner,” and even supposedly threatened the nurse’s life with a gun!! The lawsuit states:

“Defendant shouted at Plaintiff, ‘[y]ou tried to puncture to get into my veins, I m going to shoot you in your head, are you f**king crazy, you are f**king with my life!”

Basuljevic claimed the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun singer’s son continued to threaten him from there. The next statement that came out of Declyn’s mouth allegedly went like this:

“If you do not leave right now I am going to f**king shoot you, I am going to grab my 9 [millimeter handgun] and shoot you, you better leave now.”

The nurse was “terrified that Defendant was going to carry through on his threat,” and thought “harm and offensive bodily contact were imminent,” so he rushed out of the door. Per the suit, he was also worried about Declyn’s alleged penchant for violence. The legal docs reference Declyn’s arrest last month on two counts of criminal possession of a firearm. In that case, he was apprehended near the scene of a shooting with a loaded Glock handgun in his fanny pack. Cops took the singer’s son into custody on that charge, and claimed in their arrest affidavit that Declyn possessed the weapon “with intent to use it unlawfully against another.”

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Connecting this lawsuit to that event, Basuljevic’s filing claims that fears for his life on that late December day were legit. The nurse is now suing Cyndi’s son for $2 million in punitive damages. He notes “anxiety, fear, and depression” bubbled up within him as a result of this incident. He also claims he was “unable to work for several months based on the debilitating fear and anxiety” caused by Declyn’s alleged actions. Oof. Reactions, y’all?

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