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Twitter Seems To Have JUST Discovered Dakota Johnson Hinted At Being Bisexual -- And They Can't Get Enough!

dakota johsnon seemingly came out as bisexual in 2017

Just three years ago, Dakota Johnson opened up to reveal she’s seemingly bisexual, and only now is Twitter going wild for the new “bi icon”!

An interview the 50 Shades Of Gray star did with Vogue back in early 2017 has resurfaced online, and it appears she may have breezed right on past her sexuality without fans noticing.

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As we previously reported, in one section of the cover story, she shared:

“I’ve been in a phase of my life where I’m fascinated by young women coming to terms with their sexuality. I guess, by proxy, I have been experiencing that in my own life, and it’s very interesting to me.”

While Miz Johnson has been in a relationship with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin since late 2017, at the time of her Vogue sit-down, she had ended an on-again, off-again relationship with Drowners‘ Matthew Hitt just a few months earlier. Reflecting on her semi-recent split, she explained to the glossy:

“S**t happens. I think I’m a little bit heartbroken all the time, even when I’m in a happy relationship. I don’t do casual very well, and my feelings, even the good ones, get so intense that they hurt.”

Noting how she was single, Dakota added:

“Can we make things really juicy? Can we say that I’m taking this time to explore my bisexuality? Or that I have given myself to the Lord following the release of my sexually explicit trifecta of films?”

Obviously she was teasing, considering the reference of her starring role in 50 Shades of Gray and 50 Shades Darker, but the 30-year-old’s casual come out about exploring her sexuality has social media all over it!

Take a look at a few of the best trending responses on Twitter (below):

“woke up to find out dakota johnson is bi??? what can i say, we never lose”

“i should’ve known dakota johnson was bi no straight woman could be as funny as actually no, that’s not the truth ellen, you were invited ask jonathan, your producer”

“dakota johnson came out as bi?? oh I love it here”

“Dakota Johnson coming out as bisexual so casually that it took 3 years for twitter to catch on is exactly the level of chill & amazing that my bisexual ass strives to be. I am so happy to have another bi celeb to know of & I’m so happy everyone is so accepting & happy for her too”

“dakota johnson the ellen slayer is bi… first good thing happening this year”

“dakota johnson is bi??? why do we keep winning?”


Thoughts, Perezcious readers?? Will Dakota recognize being stanned for her bisexuality? Or was this all just a tease?

[Image via Apega/WENN.]

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