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'King Of Instagram' Dan Bilzerian's Racy Memoir Delayed Due To Protest Over 'Offensive Content'!

Dan Bilzerian shows off his mansion on CNBC

The “King of Instagram” knows no bounds — and because of that, he’s having trouble getting his book bound!

According to reports, Dan Bilzerian’s racy new tell-all has been delayed by a group of printers in New Jersey after they walked off the job in protest over the book’s “offensive content”!

Unsurprisingly, the millionaire playboy’s memoir, The Setup, gives detailed descriptions of wild sex orgies, drug use, and his professional poker-playing stories. Apparently with pics. The protest was over the leather-bound limited edition of the book, which contains many 7-by-20-inch color photos of nude or semi-clothed women and can be purchased for a cool $94.95.

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A rep for the 40-year-old confirmed the problem, saying of the issue:

“There has been a delay on the binding of the book because the workers are protesting and walking out on their shift due to the ‘offensive’ content of the book that they were binding.”


It’s unclear which specific images the workers were offended by, but an email that a manager at the printers sent to Bilzerian’s team read, per Page Six:

“We have an unusual situation unfolding. Several bindery workers saw the content of the book and have walked out on working that shift for the job. In my years, this is a first but evidently the content was quite offensive to some.”

The manager added they were working to bring in another shift of workers to finish the job.

True to form, Bilzerian found the whole printing protest hilarious, telling Page Six:

“I don’t know what is the problem, it is likely some of the pictures and the stories. It seems weird that they [the printers] were looking at the book while they were binding it. This actually gave me a good laugh.”

The influencer’s autobiography includes “wild stories (and even wilder photos),” according to its blurb. It reportedly spares no dirty details about the orgies he’s participated in, having sex with multiple women at once, and the slew of parties he’s attended full of scantily clad models. He also gets candid about his love of crazy pranks, guns, and explosives.

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Bilzerian, who claims he manages to sleep with eight women a day (!?), said it was important to him to share his story because of the current “woke cancel culture.” He shared:

“We’ve experienced in the last couple of years a loss of freedom of speech. People are scared to tell the truth, people are too scared to do comedy. I’ve always been a kind of guy that when everybody is going right, I want to go left. Over the last few years people are acting just like hurt animals.”

Last year, Bilzerian said he hated the ghostwriter’s version of his memoir, so he returned the publisher’s advance, wrote the book himself, and self-published.

He called the tell-all a “f**king masterpiece” in an October 2020 YouTube video, telling fans:

“The book is a f**king masterpiece. People are freaking out about that, too. They’re saying, ‘You can’t publish this book – it’s way too controversial. Your f**king career is going to be over.’ I don’t need a job, motherf**ker. I’m just going to publish it… People are going to have a panic attack, and I’m probably not going to have any friends, but at least I’m f**king honest and put out a f**king good book.”

Clearly, art is subjective, because the printing workers apparently disagree that this was a “f**king masterpiece”… That sounds less like people trying to cancel him and more like friends advising him not to commit career suicide by advertising the horrible things he’s done, but OK.

Obviously, plenty of Bilzerian’s 33 million followers will be dying to read it, though, so this controversial tome could very well become a bestseller — just don’t expect to see it show up on Oprah’s book club list!

[Image via CNBC]

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