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Danny Masterson Sent To Maximum Security Prison That Housed Charles Manson! YIKES!

Danny Masterson Sent To Maximum Security Prison That Housed Charles Manson! YIKES!

UPDATE 2/29/24 3:35 P.M. PST: Looks like Danny Masterson won’t live out his days in the prison that housed Charles Manson and others.

The TV star had been housed at California’s Corcoran State Prison, a maximum security facility which has held some of the most infamous criminals ever. But according to Deadline on Monday, he’s been transferred to a much lower security facility. Court documents show he’s moved to the California’s Men’s Colony in San Luis Obispo.

He’d only been in Corcoran two weeks. Apparently the last week or so, there were concerns for “the inmate’s well-being” at the max security lockup. The Men’s Colony is a minimum- to-medium security facility, with conditions where are said to be far less harsh.

What do YOU think about this move??

Danny Masterson has a new home, and he may be there a very long while: Corcoran State Prison.

The disgraced That 70s Show star is facing three decades behind bars after previously being convicted of two counts of forcible rape and sent away to the slammer for as many as 30 years. And while he was initially sent to North Kern State Prison in the city of Delano just a few miles north of Bakersfield, California, he has now been transferred further north to Corcoran, according to TMZ on Thursday afternoon.

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For those not in the know, Corcoran State Prison is — along with San Quentin up in NorCal — the California prison where all the roughest, toughest, and most violent inmates are sent. It is a maximum security facility in the tiny town of Corcoran, which is a small farming community in California’s San Joaquin Valley. And it houses some BAD dudes. Infamously, Manson lived out most of his incarcerated life there. Robert F. Kennedy‘s assassin Sirhan Sirhan was also there for a long time. And aside from famous inmates, Corcoran is usually the place where serial killers, other murderers, gang members, drug traffickers and more go after they are convicted.

Now, convicted rapist Masterson is there, too. Per that news outlet, he was recently transferred up from North Kern State Prison, which is a medium security facility. As far as travel goes, Corcoran is just a little bit further north from where Masterson had been in Delano. So, as far as any potential visitors from LA are concerned, it’s not much of a change. But Corcoran is THE biggie in the California prison system: the highest-profile penitentiary at the highest level of security with the worst reputation for violence and all the rest. Yeesh…

FWIW, famous (and/or infamous) prisoners often receive cells in Corcoran’s Protective Housing Unit to keep them from becoming targets of general population inmates. Manson was in the PHU during his time at Corcoran, for example. But per that TMZ report, it is not yet clear if Masterson will be housed there. Guess we’ll see. Thoughts?

[Image via TODAY Show/YouTube/California Department of Corrections/WENN]

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