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Daphne Joy Accuses Ex 50 Cent Of SA & Physical Abuse In Shocking Statement -- And He Immediately Responds

Daphne Joy Accuses Ex 50 Cent Of SA & Physical Abuse In Shocking Statement -- And He Immediately Responds

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Daphne Joy is accusing her ex-partner and baby daddy 50 Cent of sexual assault and physical abuse in a shocking new statement. On Thursday, the 37-year-old influencer took to her Instagram account and laid out a jaw-dropping statement about the In Da Club rapper’s alleged activities.

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Starting with his full legal name — Curtis James Jackson — Joy addressed the 48-year-old and referenced their 12-year-old son Sire, first by writing:

“Everything is a joke to you until our safety is compromised, which is happening now. You are wreaking real havoc, frenzy, and chaos onto people’s lives. How would u feel if Sire was the one in handcuffs? For nothing.”

Then, she claimed that 50 had done exceedingly little to spend time with Sire as he was growing up:

“We moved to New York to give you the opportunity to be a father to your son and you saw him 10 times out of the 2 years that we lived 1 mile away from you. I am tired of upholding and protecting an image to our son that you have never even earned.”

The biggest claims made in her statement, however, were her allegations of rape and physical abuse. She did not cite specific events, moments, or situations, but otherwise laid it out as clearly as she could:

“Let’s put the real focus on your true evil actions of raping me and physically abusing me. You are no longer my oppressor and my God will handle you from this point on. You have permanently damaged the last hope I had for you as a father to preserve our family with these last and final false claims made against me. You have broken our hearts for the last and final time.”


You can see her full post (below):

Of course, Joy’s claims have come up following something we previously reported this week — 50 Cent’s push to pursue sole legal custody of their son. The Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ rapper’s move was made amid allegations in Rodney ‘Lil Rod’ Jones’ recent lawsuit against Diddy which claim Daphne was supposedly a sex worker employed by the Bad Boy Records music mogul.

As for these new rape and physical abuse claims, a rep for 50 released his swift and strong denial to People:

“The disturbing allegations in the sworn pleadings recently filed in a court case related to Daphne Joy, the mother of my twelve year old child, has required me to take all necessary legal actions to protect my son Sire. The most recent false and baseless accusations by Daphne Joy are clearly in response to my decision to seek sole custody of my son. My son Sire is my main priority and keeping him in a safe environment is my only focus at this time.”

And Joy responded to that with more commentary. She took to her IG Stories later on Thursday and first shared this message dripping with sarcasm:

“Family court, great! He lacks a father figure in his life and needs male guidance. You’re finally catching on.”

Then, she added another:

“It’s funny how people start with you and get mad when you defend yourself.”

Daphne Joy Accuses Ex 50 Cent Of SA & Physical Abuse In Shocking Statement -- And He Immediately Responds
/ (c) Daphne Joy/Instagram

As you will no doubt recall, already this week Joy has steadfastly denied those aforementioned sex work claims in Rodney Jones’ lawsuit against Diddy:

Diddy stuff notwithstanding, these two exes are seriously at each other’s throats right now. Poor Sire. Ugh.

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[Image via Nicky Nelson/WENN/Daphne Joy/Instagram]

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