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This Dating App BANNED Ghosting! Wha??

Sorry folks! But if you plan on ghosting anyone anytime soon, you’ll have to go to another dating app because Bumble won’t let you!

You read that right! According to Mashable, the popular platform announced this week that ghosting – specifically skipping a planned meetup with a match – will have consequences now as it’s a violation of the Bullying and Abusive Conduct Policy. Whoa!

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This is the first app to crack down on users ghosting each other! According to the app, the guidelines are aimed to “discourage no-show behavior through disallowing the act of not turning up to an in-person meet up despite clear plans agreed by both parties.”

So what can daters do if they’ve been ghosted? A representative for Bumble explained to Tech Times that users can report inappropriate behavior in the app. After filing a report, a moderator will verify the details before taking action.

In addition to taking action against ghosting, Bumble banned doxxing – the act of revealing personal information about someone online such as their home address and workplace. The dating app is also stopping the use of bots on the platform in order to prevent actions like artificially influencing “connections, matching, conversations, or engagement through the use of automation or scripting.”

And if you cannot follow Bumble’s new rules, your time on the app will be over! Founder and CEO of the company, Whitney Wolfe Herd, told Mashable about their decision to ban ghosting and more:

“By holding our members accountable for their actions, it creates more accountable digital spaces and behavior. We want to help people feel connected and less lonely, and safer spaces lead to better connections. Our latest Community Guidelines are grounded in our values of kindness, safety, inclusivity, and respect and reflect our efforts to curb bad behaviors both on and off our platforms. Our goal is that these updates bring us one step closer to our overarching mission to create a world where all relationships are healthy and equitable, so we can help combat loneliness.”

Makes sense! But we have a feeling a lot of people are about to get banned from this app! West Elm Caleb (IYKYK) would not last a week on it with this new policy in place! Lolz.

What do you think about the change, Perezcious readers? Love it or hate it? Sound OFF in the comments below.

[Image via Love Hard/Netflix]

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Sep 02, 2023 10:46am PDT

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