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David Archuleta Blasts Viral Video Of 'Date' Claiming He Asked For Feet Pics & Had GROSS Coffee Order!

David Archuleta Denies Date Viral Video

Leave David Archuleta alone! Or if you don’t, at least keep the lies really absurd like this guy! LOLz!

The American Idol alum shared a video to his TikTok on Tuesday of a “man on the street” interview someone sent him. The interviewee, a tall red-haired young man, was asked about his worst date ever. He explained:

“I did go on a coffee date with this singer guy one time. He just kept talking about how he competed on this singing competition show when he was 16, and he like, went very far, and that’s where he got his start in the music industry. And I wasn’t really interested, but he kept showing me these videos of him singing and like performing his songs on the show. And he was really salty because he got second place. And the guy he lost to had the same first name as him, and he was really embarrassed about it.”

Hahaha! The interviewer’s jaw dropped as she clearly put the pieces together and knew exactly who the guy was talking about — as did we all!

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The idea that David Archuleta was still “so butthurt” about losing Idol to David Cook is funny enough. Like this is the version of the Crush singer we’d want to see on Curb Your Enthusiasm or something. But the guy went further, claiming more odd behavior.

First, he was grossed out by his coffee order — which had lots of sugar but also EIGHT pumps of caramel in it! OMG, is he sure he wasn’t on a date with Pedro Pascal?? LOLz!

The “date” also claimed David insisted on pulling out his guitar and serenading him right there at the outside tables of the coffee shop! OMG! Push by Matchbox 20, right?

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Finally, and most icky, he claimed David texted when he got home and asked him to send pics of his feet! WHAAAT?!? Was this a prank? Because if Ashton Kutcher set this up, it would be an epic genius level move.

The My Little Prayer singer was just as amused as we are, captioning the video:

“K i died when someone showed this to me so let me add some commentary”

In his own video response, he tackled one accusation after the other. First, he doesn’t really play guitar! He says he can play a little but isn’t very comfortable with it yet — so playing in public would make him too “self-conscious”:

“Why would I ever dare to play guitar in front of anybody, especially a first date?”

So that’s why he breaks out the phone and shows video of his Idol performances, right? LOLz! Not so much…

“Another thing, I’m so self-conscious about anything that I’ve done on TV. I don’t go around showing off to people. I actually usually avoid making known that I do anything in the public eye when I’m on a first date.”

On the coffee order, he shut the whole thing down, saying:

“I’ve never even been on a coffee date.”

Yeah, he grew up Mormon, and they don’t do coffee — so that wasn’t a thing for him. BUT he said if he did, he would NOT go caramel-crazy with it:

“I’m more of a bitter drink guy, so instead of sugar, I would get a cold drip, black.”

Speaking of not his type, David (who came out in 2021) also casually mentioned for all the folks out there watching the video that he is not into white redhead dudes but instead prefers Latino men. *wink wink*

Last but not least he said no, he is not “butthurt” about losing to a guy also named David. In fact, he says Cook is his “homie”:

“We went golfing together and he still checks in on me. Nothing to be bitter about.”

Nothing but that drink order, right? Ha!

We still think this might be an elaborate prank if we’re being honest, and we’re kiiiinda living for it. Even David mentioned that it must have been “satire” because he’d never seen this man before.

What do YOU think of the interview and David’s response?? Watch the full thing and let us know (below)!


K i died when someone showed this to me so let me add some commentary

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[Image via David Archuleta/Instagram.]

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