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Not So Over After All? Dean McDermott Gets Flirty With Tori Spelling Amid Divorce Rumors

Not So Over After All? Dean McDermott Gets Flirty With Tori Spelling Amid Divorce Rumors

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott’s relationship may have some gas left in the tank after all. It’s a never-ending roller coaster!

In case you haven’t been keeping up, the last couple of years have been a total whirlwind for the actress amid all her divorce rumors. It publicly began last year when she was spotted out and about without her wedding ring (never a good sign). Then, the 90210 alum revealed in June on Sirius XM’s Jeff Lewis Live that she and her hub were sleeping in separate beds. A few months later, Dean tried to do some damage control while appearing on the Feminine Warrior’s podcast by pretty much claiming their relationship status was no one’s business. Towards the end of the year though, a source close to the pair revealed the two are “always on the verge of divorce.” Sheesh!

It seemed the couple didn’t make any progress from there as Dean was noticeably missing from the fam’s Christmas card, AND they spent New Years apart. To cap things off, Tori totally ignored her husband on Father’s Day, opting to share love for Lance Bass and his beau instead! Ouch!

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Now that we’re all caught up on some of the recent lows of their relationship, let’s discuss the big elephant in the room: did Dean just get flirty with Tori??! In Thursday’s episode of the blonde bombshell’s reality TV show @Home with Tori, we can see the whole fam cuddled up in their backyard watching movies on the projector — more specifically, Tori’s 1989 film Troop Beverly Hills. In the scene, Tori points herself out and Dean quickly responds “you’re so cute, babe.”

UMMMM, hold up! That does NOT sound like the type of exchange a couple “on the verge of divorce” has! Is Dean trying to win his wife back over to get on this year’s Christmas card??! Or is he maybe just trying to keep up appearances for their five children, Liam, Stella, Hattie, Finn, and Beau Dean? The same source that revealed the couple are always close to calling it quits also noted the main reason Tori stays is for the sake of the kids. So which is it? The couple have been together since 2006 so it’s not unlikely that they’re just extremely comfortable around one another, but we also can’t rule out the fact that they may be trying to work things out. If they’ve been teetering on the edge of separation for this long but haven’t pulled the trigger, maybe it’s for a good reason!

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Anyway, what are YOUR thoughts on the whole situation? Do you think Dean’s comment was flirtatiously-charged or do you think they’re just going through the motions around the kids? Let us know in the comments below!

[Images via Tori Spelling/Instagram, Dean McDermott/Instagram, & Columbia Pictures]

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