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'Ashamed' Demi Lovato Slams Fans Asking About Her New Music During DC Riots!

Demi Lovato fans new music riot capitol

Demi Lovato wants her fans to focus on what matters as the fallout from the disturbing, historic events on Wednesday unfold.

The 28-year-old took to social media on Wednesday to express anger and frustration as Donald Trump supporters stormed the capitol in what many political leaders have described as a “coup attempt.” Alongside a screenshot from Black Lives Matter‘s Twitter account that pointed out how protestors were treated differently following the police killing of George Floyd, the Skyscraper songstress wrote:

“My heart is broken. It makes me to [sic] sad to believe how naïve I was to think this couldn’t possibly happen, and yet it did.”

Of course, Demi was far from the only celeb to condemn the D.C. rioters, or the police for their cavalier response. However, the star also took the time to call out another party: her own fanbase!

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Yup, apparently Lovatics far and wide had Demi’s new music on the brain as all this chaos was going down, and the Grammy nominee made sure to blast them for having their priorities out of order. She penned in a series of tweets:

“For everyone in my comments saying ‘where’s d7’ or wanting me to sing instead of speaking up about what needs to change in this country… THIS IS WHY I POST AS MUCH AS I DO. THIS IS WHY I CARE. THIS CANNOT HAPPEN ANY F**KING MORE. I’m angry, embarrassed and ashamed.”

Way to speak your mind, gurl!

Weirdly enough, though, Demi ended up kind of answering her fans’ music questions shortly after calling them out for asking about it. Revealing how she was working on music addressing the violence, the Disney alum shared:

“I’m in the studio working on something special after today’s assault on democracy.”

Well, we guess that settles that?

Ironically, her followers then started to blast the New Mexico native for talking about her music during the apparent insurrection. Users tweeted in response:

“girl this is not camp rock. you are not gonna save the day w a song.”

“Demi please no. This isn’t the way to raise awareness. Creating another song won’t help. You can bring awareness but don’t use this as the opportunity to prompt your own music. Donate. Spread awareness. There’s other ways you can help.”

We won’t argue that the world is in need of new Demi music, but there’s clearly no winning in a situation like this.

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