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Demi Moore Discusses Runway Show Where She Looked 'Unrecognizable'

Demi Moore Fendi Paris Runway Look Unrecognizable Naomi Campbell

It’s so good to see Demi Moore looking like, well… Demi Moore.

In case you missed it last week, the Ghost star made a surprise appearance at Fendi‘s Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2021 show — as a runway model! Yes, right there among current supermodels Bella Hadid and Cara Delevingne and catwalk vets Christy Turlington and Kate Moss, there was the 58-year-old strutting her stuff. (Well, Kim Jones‘ stuff, really. The collection was apparently inspired by Virginia Woolf‘s novel Orlando, about an immortal who switches genders back and forth, so having models of all ages, male and female made perfect sense.)

You can see Demi’s appearance at about 1:45 btw.

While Demi has long been considered one of the world’s most beautiful women, she hasn’t ever really been a model before, and it was something she’d always secretly wanted to do.

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Speaking to Naomi Campbell — who was also a part of the show — for her No Filter  YouTube show, Demi said of the show:

“Truly it didn’t hit me until afterwards that it really was a teenage fantasy fulfilled… I took a moment where I thought, ‘Oh my God, I literally just walked a runway show with some of the biggest models ever.’ For me, I literally felt like a little kid.”

Unfortunately it wasn’t her skills or her peers that got the attention — it was her face. Viewers of the show, which had no in-person audience for safety reasons but was streamed worldwide online, couldn’t understand what was going on with the beloved movie star’s cheeks. Many called her basically “unrecognizable” and speculated on whether she’d had work done.

Demi Moore Fendi Spring Summer 2021 show YouTube
Demi’s deep cheek grooves left folks scratching their heads at Fendi’s Spring Summer 2021 show. / (c) Fendi/YouTube

So what was going on??

Honestly we’re not sure. It ef doesn’t look like makeup contouring. But in Fendi’s behind-the-scenes video released days later, it certainly doesn’t look as severe.

Demi Moore Fendi behind the scenes
(c) Fendi/Youtube

One common theory among cosmetic surgeons speaking to various outlets was the use of too much injectable filler. What do y’all think??

And on Naomi’s show, the lighting was much softer — so it’s difficult to tell if we’re still seeing the same effect. But there are moments…

Demi Moore on Naomi Campbell YouTube show
(c) Naomi Campbell/YouTube

Unfortunately Demi did not address the reaction to her look; what she did say about the show was:

“It was a very special show. Even though there was no audience, it felt like there was an audience to me, there was no difference to me. I think also because of the way the set was built, everyone having their own individual boxes, you won’t have seen the audience anyway… It felt special for me because it felt less that it was entirely about the clothes but it was more about the full story. It felt very magical”

It was magical.. but what about the magical transmutation from that 20 million dollar smile to whatever was going on in those photos?

Look, if folks want to get something done, it’s not our place to judge or anything. We just wish she would talk us through it in a YouTube tutorial or something.

What do YOU think?! That was just Demi’s “blue steel” — sucking in her cheeks and ending up looking really different? Or did she get something done?? What do YOU think was up with Demi’s look? (And wasn’t that show great??) See the whole interview (below)!

[Image via WENN/Instar/Avalon.]

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