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Demi Moore Talks Going Fully Nude At 61 In New Horror Movie At Cannes!

Demi Moore Full Frontal Nude 61 The Substance Cannes

Demi Moore is back, baby! ALL THE WAY back!

The Ghost star is getting a lot of buzz already for a new horror film premiering at Cannes. But not just for her killer performance!

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In The Substance, Demi plays an actress who takes something that gives her a “younger, better version of herself” played by Margaret Qualley. And at one point in the film, Cannes audiences were surprised to see, Demi serves full frontal! At 61 years old, she gets completely nude for the film! Wow!

Demi Moore at Cannes 2024
Demi Moore and Margaret Qualley at Cannes 2024
Demi Moore at Cannes 2024
Demi Moore at Cannes 2024

When asked about working the jaw-dropping scenes with director Coralie Fargeat (her first movie since 2017’s excellent Revenge) on Monday, Demi explained how getting to a place she could be comfortable baring it all was all about being on the same page before shooting:

“Going into it, it was really spelled out, the level of vulnerability and rawness that was really required to tell the story. And it was a very vulnerable experience and just required, I think, going into it with a lot of sensitivity and a lot of conversation about what we were trying to accomplish and how we were going to approach it. And I think finding that common ground of mutual trust.”

She said it helped a great deal that she had “someone who was a great partner who I felt very safe with” in co-star Margaret Qualley. She said the two shared “a lot of levity in those moments at how absurd those certain situations were.” She also drew a big laugh from the gathered reporters when she alluded to certain scenes in the film:

“We obviously were quite close in certain moments… naked…”

Um… do tell! Damn, we need to see this movie!

Demi concluded:

“Ultimately, it’s just about direct and clear communication and mutual trust.”

Hear, hear! Thankfully those conversations are becoming the rule instead of the exception these days! See Demi take the reins of what could have been an awkward Q&A moment (below)!

[Image via Mubi/YouTube.]

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