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Denise Richards FINALLY Explains Her ‘Bizarre’ Behavior During RHOBH Return!

Denise Richards FINALLY Explains Her ‘Bizarre’ Behavior During RHOBH Return!

Denise Richards finally gave us some answers about her strange behavior on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

The 52-year-old reality star made her grand return to the show in Season 13, where viewers saw her attending a cannabis-infused dinner party at Kyle Richards’ house. What started as excitement for fans to see Denise back on our screens with the cast members of RHOBH quickly turned into confusion and even concern for the actress. Why? Viewers could tell something was very off with the Wild Things star after seeing her strange facial expressions, slurred words, random confrontation with Erika Jayne, and upside-down jacket debacle. They called her out for acting like a “hot f**king mess” throughout the entire dinner!

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While it would make sense to blame the cannabis for her weird actions, Denise actually turned down the weed food! So others assumed Denise “got her pre-party on” — a little too much. Even some of the RHOBH stars believed “had a drink before she came” over. And now we’re finally hearing from Denise herself about what happened that evening!

On the Just B with Bethenny Frankel podcast Sunday, the Wild Things star opened up about her return to RHOBH, revealing Garcelle Beauvais asked her to attend Kyle’s “weed party.” Since Garcelle was coming to the soirée, Denise said she happily agreed:

“I was asked by Garcelle, ‘Hey, would you go to a dinner or lunch or something?’ And I said, ‘You know what? If you’re there, I’ll go and do it.’”

But we all know how the evening turned out — a hot mess! If you were hoping for the full story, don’t get your hopes up! Denise claims she doesn’t remember half of what happened during the dinner! On the podcast, she maintained she turned down the cannabis-infused food, as she doesn’t do weed or edibles since they “don’t mix well” with her body. She said she’s tried weed twice before and did not enjoy the experience, so she wasn’t down for participating in the meal.

Innerestingly, she says there were supposed to be other options. Denise remembers she was told there would be dishes without weed at the party, but then things were “going sideways” all of a sudden. Even when Denise returned home, her husband Aaron Phypers was concerned about her behavior:

“I came home, and Aaron was like, ‘What is wrong with you?’ And I go, ‘I don’t know.’ I’ve never been like that.”


That must have been so scary! Despite popular belief that she had been pre-gaming a lot before the event, though, Denise confirmed the theory she’d had a drink beforehand — but she insisted to Bethenny Frankel she had only knocked back one! A single drink because she was “nervous seeing the women.” Hmm. One drink caused that??

Well, the television personality did mention she was “not feeling well” that night. Why would she have attended the party then?! Everyone would have understood if she was feeling ill and couldn’t go anymore. However, Denise didn’t want to cancel last minute. Production let her go to the bash after taking three COVID tests — which all came back negative. Denise continued:

“Progressively during the evening, I felt worse and worse.”

She then claimed she took “regular cough medicine… and then I just [don’t] remember half the night,” adding:

“It was bizarre.”

OH, now we see. Cough medicine! That stuff can mess you up, especially on an empty stomach! And if she thought she was going to a dinner where she would have options but ended up having none, she was on an empty stomach for hours!

Honestly, that explains it as far as we’re concerned. But that’s not the only possibility!

It wasn’t necessarily just the combo of one drink, sickness, and cough medicine that caused her odd behavior. Denise wonders whether there potentially “was a mix-up” with her meal — meaning she was potentially served the cannabis-infused food:

“Maybe there was a mix-up in the meal or the water or something. I don’t know. All I know is when I got home, I was like, what, there’s something wrong with me.”

Oof! To this day, the Bravolebrity refuses to watch her return to RHOBH – understandably so! She told Bethenny:

“I won’t even watch it because I’m sure I obviously made an ass out of myself. So I was like, why the hell am I going to watch myself like that?”

If fans were cringing at what they were watching go down with Denise, we bet she would feel even worse! She certainly made quite the splash during her return — and it looks like she’ll continue to do so as she continues to battle Erika this season over the threesome comments from three years ago!

Reactions, Perezcious readers? Are buying Denise’s explanation of what happened? Sound OFF in the comments below.

[Image via The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills/Peacock, Access Hollywood/YouTube]

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