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TikToker Devlynn Cyr & Husband Separating -- While She Continues Cancer Treatment

TikToker Devlynn Cyr & Husband Separating -- While She Continues Cancer Treatment

Sad news about TikTok star Devlynn Cyr and her husband, Greg Cyr

For those who don’t know, the pair married last March after only four months of dating. But months after their nuptials, Devlynn and Greg received terrible news. She went into the hospital for a colectomy in September 2023, needing surgery to repair her colon after it ruptured due to chronic pain, constipation, and inflammation. But things turned out to be far more severe than initially believed. The 39-year-old TikToker woke up from the procedure to find out she actually had stage 3 colon cancer — and doctors had to give her a hysterectomy. Heartbreaking.

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Since then, Devlynn has begun chemotherapy for her cancer. It has been a tough journey for the influencer with her health. And she appears to be going through some struggles when it comes to her marriage on top of everything else. This month, fans noticed the social media personality was not wearing her wedding ring while she had been on TikTok live. At the time, she didn’t want to say what was happening. But now, Devlynn and Greg are ready to share the news with fans that they had… separated. She explained:

“We have mutually made the decision that we’re going to separate. Now before anybody gets their feathers ruffled, Greg is not abandoning me, I’m not abandoning him. We just need to take a few steps back before we can take two or three steps forward. Cancer hasn’t been easy. I’ve lost myself and who I am, and my ability to do things out of fear of getting sick or something’s gonna happen to me. I’m unfortunately not like most people where I’m like,’ I’ve got to live my best life right now in case something happens.’”

Devlynn continued to express how much her diagnosis has negatively impacted her mental health:

“I am a person that shuts down, and I don’t want to get sick and I don’t want to do anything that could make it so I’m not here for an extended period of time. I’ve lost my ability to smile or do things that I love and just be fun, because everything is about cancer.”

Oof. She noted they needed to separate and take time to “re-find ourselves” on their own as her cancer treatment has taken a toll on their marriage. Even though they are separating, Greg made it clear he will continue to stick by her side through her health battle. He explained it is “less of a physical separation” and “more just like a mental separation to just reset,” as he will join Devlynn in therapy and appointments. She added:

“We haven’t exactly been the most intimate couple because that’s been really hard especially with this diagnosis. Given my state, and how I’ve handled things between fear and shutting down and dissociating, because that’s what I do. Space is what’s needed for us. We’re hoping that we can become friends again.”

Devlynn noted they figured a separation would “take the pressure off” each other:

“With this diagnosis, ‘What am I going to have to do for her next?’ And that’s a real thing. I understand that Greg feels like a gopher sometimes. But on the other hand, I’m doing my best to try and do what I can, and then you kind of hit that wall. … We literally went from this whirlwind romance and everything is great and fine with a few hospital trips. From that moment it has been nothing but hospital visits and pain…where do you have time to be married or newlyweds? We didn’t even get our first dance because I was in so much pain.”

Ultimately, they want to get back to a place where they are friends again before diving back into their relationship. As Greg put it:

“We’re taking a step back to find ourselves and then honestly, I’d like to start dating my wife again.”

It is sad to hear they are separating! But it sounds like they are trying to do what’s best for each other in the long run. Watch the entire video (below):


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Since the announcement, Greg has received a ton of comments from fans accusing him of abandoning her during her cancer battle. However, Devlynn has come to her husband’s defense. When a commenter asked if he “seriously abandon this woman while she’s struggling with cancer treatment,” she fired back:

“He’s not abandoning me while going through chemo. He’s still going to stay and help. Given a separation, somebody’s still willing to stay and help when that’s got to be hard on them is pretty commendable.”


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The duo then posted a follow-up video, with Devlynn saying how the negative remarks “baffle” her since they “don’t want a divorce” and are “trying to work through things” the best way they can. Greg further mentioned:

“I’m still here. She’s still here. The difference isn’t that we’ve been married for ten years…we met and got engaged and got married so fast and that doesn’t change the perception of who we want to be with. It took us to a place where we haven’t had a chance to actually get to know each other….For us to take a step back and still be married‚ we’re not divorcing. We’re just taking a step back to re-get to know each other…It’s going to build us back from what we both hope, stronger and better.”


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We wish Devlynn and Greg nothing but the best as they work through everything. Reactions, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments.

[Image via Devlynn Cyr/TikTok]

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