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Did Kim Kardashian PHOTOSHOP Pete Davidson?!

Did Kim Kardashian PHOTOSHOP Pete Davidson?!

Kim Kardashian is getting called out online… but did she really do what people think she did?!

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians alum recently posted pics to her Instagram account of a lovey-dovey night out with boyfriend Pete Davidson. And while we all collectively swooned at the snaps themselves, critics called out several specific things that they believe to be altered in the images! Could we really be having second KarJenner Photoshop controversy in two days’ time?!

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The issues here specifically center on the Saturday Night Live star’s face. It all started when the popular Instagram account @ProblematicFame, which tracks “how instagram can impact beauty standards,” posted an IG Stories snap on Wednesday morning comparing Pete’s look in Kim’s new pics to his live TV profile.

That post then went viral on Twitter later on Wednesday afternoon, with the comparison being put front-and-center for the world to take in:

So at issue here, as you can tell from the Twitter re-post, is two-fold: it seems Pete’s nose could have been smoothed down a bit in Kim’s new snap (on the right), and it appears as though his jawline is somewhat more defined. Others pondered whether the IG pic altered Pete’s lips, too, and possibly smoothed out the area around his eyes.

Obviously, Kim’s IG pic is super-grainy and taken in lower light, so it’s not a perfect comparison. Quite a different vibe from studio lighting on a TV show! And the two shots are taken from slightly different angles, too. Just saying!

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Still, fans went in on the comparison, sharing their thoughts in all kinds of critical tweets from every side of the debate:

“He honestly looks better in reality!!”

“And cleaned up his bags under his eyes. He don’t look like that photo lol”

“reality looks better”

“…I think this is just a different angle?”

“Maybe he got a lip flip and some jawline filler?”

“Personally i would love it and welcome the Kardashian’s to do that to me”

“Did Kim photoshop him or did he actually visit her plastic surgeon”

“Well he has been with the Kardashians for a minute so it’s possible he had a little work done.”

Now, for whatever it’s worth, sources say the pic is not altered in any way. An insider revealed this to Page Six about the matter:

“Pete’s nose and neck appearance were not altered in any way. The image shown in the side-by-side shows his face at a different angle, and he is smiling larger so it cannot be an apples-to-apples comparison.”

So, there’s that. Are you buying it, Perezcious readers? Or do U think something else is going on here? Sound OFF with your opinions down in the comments (below)…

[Image via FayesVision/WENN]

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