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Did You Watch The View???

Yeah, so the ladies ripped Perez four new assholes. But we’re not going to complain.
We dish it. We can take it!
Barbara Walters was not on the show when we taped it. However, we did get to meet her backstage. Barbara Wawa took the time to come and say hello to Perezzers. She’s a living legend and a classy lady!
Barbara told us personally that she will be hiring two new co-hosts for The View this coming season. So that fresh new blood should make things very interesting.
Whoopi Goldberg was the “moderator” on our episode, and Miz Walters told us she didn’t want to appear on our show because she has a tendency to commandeer the conversation and play the moderator role herself.
The odds of Whoopi being on The View next season are VERY good. She’s probably the #1 frontrunner.
Who will take the #2 spot? That is the bigger question.
We hope it’s a Latina!

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Jul 13, 2007 12:27pm PDT

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