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Dionne Warwick Has HAD IT With Wendy Williams!

Dionne Warwick and Wendy Williams are feuding!

Legendary singer Dionne Warwick is not happy with TV host Wendy Williams right now… and for good reason!

The 56-year-old daytime TV talker called Warwick out during The Wendy Williams Show on Wednesday, critiquing the 79-year-old singer’s catchy tweets and referring to an old marijuana charge from decades ago. Whoa! That’s gotta be below the belt!

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It all started on Wendy’s Wednesday morning show, during her opening “Hot Topics” segment. Responding to the viral tweets coming from Warwick’s Twitter account — with which Dionne has gotten some help from her niece, Brittani — Wendy went in on her elder.

Talking directly to the audience, the TV host called Warwick a “beautiful woman,” but added (below):

“She doesn’t like me though, I know she doesn’t like me. She’s been here. She’s a friend to the show. She’s a friend to the show ’cause she has something to promote and we’re the social influencers and she’s smart. But, once she gets off the show, you know she’s probably like, ‘Bitch.’ It’s okay, Ms. Warwick, it’s okay.”

Whoa! Where did that come from?!

Wendy wasn’t done there, either! She referred to some of Warwick’s funny recent tweets that teased The Weeknd, only to then double down on the bad stuff! The New Jersey native added this (below), referencing an old 2002 marijuana charge about which Warwick claimed she was framed:

“I totally believe that she is doing her own tweeting, but I think that Brittani is her right hand. After Aunt Dionne does what she wants, after midnight, maybe after some bud. Well, you remember a few years ago, aunt Dionne was stopped at the Miami airport trying to get back to Jersey and you know, Jersey now has the bud. But, Miami is ‘buddier.’ TSA stopped aunt Dionne and opened up a lipstick tube and found four, excuse me, 11 pre-rolled joints. Oh yeah, they got the dog on it [and] it was weed… Yeah, she’s still [consuming marijuana.] After midnight, a little bud, a little Chardonnay.”


Still, Wendy tried to end her segment drama-free, saying she was “only having fun” with the singer, and concluding:

“Aunt Dionne knows how to stay relevant and Brittani is right there giving her all the filters and checking it over before she sends [it] and I think that’s a great thing. I think if you’re a person of a particular age, you need social media and you need to get down sometimes and talk at these kids, not to them, at them. But you did need someone in your family to make sure that you’re coming off correct.”

Hmmm… OK…

You can see the whole segment (and show) below, with the Warwick stuff starting at about the 9:30 mark:

It didn’t take long for the segment to get back to Warwick!

Tweeting on Wednesday about Wendy’s comments, the singer claimed “a friend alerted” her to the show, and responded in a multi-part tweet (below):


“This conversation was held a few years ago letting her there was nor would be any need for her to say the name Dionne Warwick for any reason” is a SENTENCE, y’all! Dionne ain’t playing around!!!

Wendy hasn’t yet commented in response to Warwick’s call-out, but we can only imagine what the TV host is thinking right now… What do U make of this feud, Perezcious readers?! And Dionne’s tweets?? Where do U stand with her newfound voice online??

Sound OFF about everything down in the comments (below)!

[Image via Wendy Williams Show/YouTube/Joel Ginsburg/WENN]

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