Pete Doherty won’t have a home to come back to when he’s released from jail in a few weeks.

New reports claim that Dopehead’s landlord has just evicted his junkie ass.

Out on a recent maintenance check, the landlord of the nine bedroom mansion being rented by Doperty found the once beautiful home in absolute shambles! Hee hee.

An insider says that the walls, floor and even some of the windows have been daubed with human blood. The house was also littered with feces from the nine cats Petey abandoned there.


He and Wino should just move in together already!

On another note, Pete’s shady friends have reportedly been helping themselves to the stuff he’s left in the mansion. They’re supposedly looking to sell Dopehead’s stuff to make back some of the money he owes them.

With friends like that, who needs prison?

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Apr 21, 2008 9:40am PDT