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Girl Marries Into Billionaire Family -- And IMMEDIATELY Bullies Woman On Instagram With Same Name!

Katherine Asplundh Billionaire Bride Bullies Girl Instagram Name

Money doesn’t buy you class! And a woman who recently married into a billionaire family just proved that!

Katherine Asplundh, née Driscoll has ALMOST everything… The husband, the money, the name! Well, not the name yet — at least not on Instagram. That’s why she’s trying shamelessly to acquire it!

See, now that she has a new married name, she wants her IG handle to match. But she can’t have it because there already is one. But this billionaire bridezilla gets what she wants, clearly. So she went to the longtime owner of the handle and things went OFF THE RAILS.

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In a series of screenshots from a conversation posted by the other Katherine Asplundh, who just goes by Katie, the new bride can be seen relentlessly heckling her for the @KatherineAsplundh Instagram username. In the screenshots, which went viral on Reddit last week, the entitled bride first approaches Katie gracefully. She writes:

“Hi! I was wondering if I could purchase your username from you. Just got married and this is my new name!”

The bride notably married into the billionaire tree service Asplundh family in Pennsylvania. Katie responds:

“Hi congrats! That’s my name too. I just googled it and it said selling my username would get me banned from Instagram.”

But the newly-married Katherine won’t take that no for an answer. She responds claiming she’s purchased usernames in the past, and says celebs do it all the time so it’s okay. She then notes with more than a hint of suspicion that she “didn’t know there was another Asplundh family out there,” before citing Katie’s inactivity, once again asking for the name.

The Katherine Asplundhs Argue Over The Username!
(c) Katie Asplundh/Instagram

Katie responds with a firm no as she didn’t want to get banned, before the bridezilla rips into her:

“I actually don’t believe that your name is Katherine Asplundh who would make their finsta their actual name? I reported you to Instagram and they’re actually able to tell me your real name I really hope I don’t know you because that’s gonna be really embarrassing for you.”

She adds that “pretending to be someone you’re not” is “illegal,” before sharing screenshots of a Facebook search for other Asplundhs. She says:

“The family I just married into is the Asplundh family in the US”

Wow, what a rude shift! Katie responded by explaining she’s not American — but the bitter bride isn’t interested in reason. She demands PROOF of Katie’s identity. The user responds:

“Why do I have to send you any proof of who I am? This is my account, I’ve had it since 2018. I’m sorry we share the same name but just because you got married doesn’t mean you can have my username.”

She added in follow-up messages:

“If you were nice I would have considered giving it to you for free

But you weren’t

I reported you for asking me to sell my account and another report for harassing me”

She signed off:

“Have a good day”

See (below):

The Katherine Asplundhs Argue Over The Username!
(c) Katie Asplundh/Instagram
The Katherine Asplundhs Argue Over The Username!
(c) Katie Asplundh/Instagram

Yeah, tell her! We mean, the entitlement is just WILD here! Katie followed up with an interview with The Philadelphia Inquirer, noting:

“I just didn’t want to sell it because that would get me banned. After I replied to her, her messages came off snarky, so I told myself, ‘Ok, this isn’t worth it.”

Innerestingly, it’s Katherine’s account that no longer exists. See? Did Katie’s report get her banned? Did she compromise with a slightly different married username? Or did she get so tired of the backlash she fled the internet?! Either way, it’s a good lesson. You can’t always get what you want, and being a bully is the absolute worst way to try.

Do you think Katie handled this well?? Let us know down in the comments!

[Image via Katherine Asplundh/Instagram]

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