Disgusting! Parent Organizers Send Constance To Fake Prom


These people should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.

Constance McMillen, the brave young woman who made national headlines when she fought her Mississippi school district over the decision to cancel prom because she wanted to bring her girlfriend as her date, lost the court battle to have her prom reinstated, but was promised a parent-sponsored event for she and her classmates.

We’ve learned however, that on the night of the alleged dance, the planners sent Constance, her date, and seven other students to a fake venue while the rest of the students celebrated at the real location.

We are honestly speechless.

How could anyone, especially the parents of other high school students, be capable of such cruelty to a teenage girl? And on such a unified front?

We’ve been told that Constance and her classmates present at the dance tried to make the best of the night, and we’re not surprised.

We had the opportunity to meet Constance, as well as her wonderful father, and we can personally attest to the young woman’s character. She was lovely, soft-spoken, and genuinely appreciative of all the support and interest so many had taken in her story. She just wanted her prom with the same rights as her fellow classmates, and to hear that so many thoughtless and cruel ADULTS could be capable of such bigotry breaks our heart.

We know that she’ll manage to rise above all of this, but we hope Constance knows how many people stand behind her, and are grateful for her bravery and perseverance!

Stay strong, bb! There’s a big world out there with lots of people who believe in you!!

[Image via AP Images.]

Apr 5, 2010 12:15pm PDT

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