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Woman In Rough Divorce Goes Missing -- Right After Meeting Someone 'Wonderful'

Woman Mid-Divorce Goes Missing Right After Meeting Someone 'Wonderful'

Ana Maria Knezevic has suddenly gone missing abroad after she supposedly met someone new following her divorce.

A very strange and disturbing case coming out of Madrid, Spain has been picking up in recent days following the disappearance of the Florida woman in the popular European city. According to reports, back in December, the 40-year-old businesswoman needed a break from a rough divorce she was going through with her estranged husband David Knezevich. (FYI: per USA Today and others, Ana Maria and David do indeed use two different spellings for their last names.)

So, she moved out to an apartment in Spain to get away. Things seemed to be going okay for Ana Maria despite her breakup for a while. But then, in early February, things got strange. According to her bestie Sanna Rameau and her brother Juan Henao, they received text messages from her suggesting she’d found a new love in her life. That was something that instantly raised suspicions among her loved ones. The texts, which were obtained by CBS News, stated she’d “met someone wonderful”:

“Amazing connection. Like I never had before.”

Even creepier, the message mentioned how her service was “spotty” in case she didn’t respond. Hmm…

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While speaking to The Associated Press, her friend said this was “crazy” and that the tone of the message was “impersonal, detatched”, and didn’t sound like Ana Maria at all:

“She wouldn’t do this … it is very unsafe and crazy behavior.”


Spain’s Ministry of Interior officially declared the woman missing on February 2, and no one has heard from her after the text messages. Since then, more disturbing details have come out about the case. The most unsettling of which is that law enforcement spoke about an incident in which a man “wearing a helmet” with his face obstructed allegedly disabled cameras and spray painted the lenses at the missing woman’s apartment just prior to her disappearance, as reported by multiple outlets.

AP also reports that despite her loved ones stating Ana Maria was not scared of her husband, he traveled to Serbia in January and has also not been able to be contacted by authorities in the past two weeks despite him allegedly having contact with her good friend. Whoa…

In the meantime, her family continues to search for her as best they can, and have set up a GoFundMe in order to hire a private investigator. If you’d like to donate to the family, you can click HERE.

There is definitely something fishy going on here… ugh. May Ana Maria be found and returned home safe and sound as soon as possible.

[Image via Spain’s National Center For The Disappeared]

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