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DMX's Orchid Love Goes Viral After His Death: 'All They Really Needed Was Time And Attention'

Twitter fans are mourning DMX's death with remembering his Fresh Off The Boat monologue about orchids!

The world is in mourning today after the passing of hip-hop legend DMX.

As we reported hours ago, the iconic rapper passed away early Friday morning, leaving behind legions of heartbroken fans and followers in addition to his family, friends, and loved ones. As fans grapple with his death now too, they are looking back at some of the most iconic moments of his career.

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In addition to the tribute he gave Aaliyah following her untimely passing, another one going viral late Friday morning happened to be the Ruff Ryders Anthem rapper’s guest turn on ABC‘s hit show Fresh Off The Boat.

DMX appeared on the scripted show in its 2015 episode We Done Son, and was a huge hit from the moment he stepped on the set (below):

Awww! Love that scene, and that banter. He looks great on camera there too.

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But the real show-stealing scene of his — and the one that people are remembering now, after his death — came in the greenhouse, when the rapper-slash-actor explained how to successfully raise orchids.

As you can see (below), it’s a very touching monologue:

The rapper explained to Eddie, played by actor Hudson Yang:

“When I first started growing orchids, I thought they needed the most expensive soil and lights to blossom. And they died. That’s when I realized that all they really needed was time and attention. You don’t need to get your girl a gift. You need to give her your time.”

Deep stuff… Love it!

And we were far from the only ones remembering it so fondly.

Scores of DMX fans took to Twitter on Friday morning to share their reactions and remembrances of the scene, as you can see (below):

And there were plenty more mournful reactions to the six-year-old memorable moment, as well:

“First thing I came to when news broke. RIP DMX, thanks for everything.”

“This hits different today. Wise man with so much to give, product of a misguided incarceration system.”

“It’s sad that we’ll never hear his voice again”

“RIP DMX, I hope you’re in heaven surrounded by the prettiest orchids.”

“Taking care of some orchids and praying for DMX and his family”

“This morning I woke up to find the last petal of an orchid plant I’ve been trying to nurse on the floor. I should’ve known then. RIP DMX.”

“I hope DMX is in a beautiful field of orchids resting peacefully”

“In DMX’s honor, treat someone like an orchid today”

Wow. Very poignant. Rest In Peace, DMX…

You will surely be missed.

[Image via Johnny Louis/WENN/YouTube]

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