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Donald Trump Offered Miami Restaurant Patrons 'Food For Everyone' Then Left Before The Bill Showed Up!

Donald Trump Offered Miami Restaurant Patrons 'Food For Everyone' Then Left Before The Bill Came!

Donald Trump is at it again, y’all.

The former (and, God forbid, possibly future) President was in Miami earlier this week to plead not guilty to 37 (!) federal felony counts against him. Of course, he’s been under the microscope of federal prosecutors for years after allegedly mishandling classified documents from his time up at the White House.

So, he had to appear at the Wilkie D. Ferguson Jr. US Courthouse in downtown Miami this week for a preliminary hearing to answer to those federal charges. And afterwards, the Apprentice alum opted to blow off some steam at Versailles — a well-known restaurant-slash-bakery in Miami’s Cuban-heavy Little Havana neighborhood.

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Outside the diner, Trump was in good spirits as crowds came by to see him. In fact, according to the Miami New Times, he was in SUCH a good mood that he offered to pick up the tab for everyone there!!

Per that outlet, witnesses reported Trump said this to patrons while “glad-handing” people on his way into Versailles:

“Food for everyone!”

Well that’s nice! The ex-reality TV star is going to pay for a bunch of meals! How thoughtful of him!!

…Except that’s not how it actually went down.

Per the New Times, a “knowledgeable source” said nobody got any free food on Trump’s dime. No pastelitos, no cubanos, no croquetas, and certainly no cafecito. Not one thing to chow down on. Nothing at all!


Per that New Times source, Trump was only at Versailles for “about ten minutes,” so it wasn’t like there was a ton of time for anybody to order anything, much less eat it. But still…

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And, yeah, to be technical, Trump did just say “food for everyone,” and not “free food for everyone.” Maybe he was just monologuing about being at a restaurant that offers “food for everyone” —  if they want it? Like a stream of consciousness thing?? LOLz!

TBH, we’re probably being too generous with that interpretation. If you were at a restaurant and somebody walked over yelling “food for everyone” to you, what would YOU think it meant??

Then again, maybe he’s just stressed out over all the s**t that’s about to hit the fan. Ya know?!

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